Monday, 26 March 2018

More photos from the NEC

It was ages ago now wasn’t it.... well t’other week at any rate, but I’ve still got stuff I want to share from the NEC...there was a lot to see. Sadly we didn’t manage to see half the stalls on the sewing side of the hall, which I was really gutted about. The small amount we did see was so inspiring, incredible work. So, for those of you who also didn’t get chance to see the creations, here’s a few pics:

This piece was created by Anne Brooke. She’s called it Harold, and her inspiration was the wonderful watership down. It’s a collage of up-cycled papers, with machine embroidery and hand stitching 

Look at the work that has gone into this! Incredible. The artist is Georgina Bellamy, and she has called her piece The Bandar-Log. Her inspiration was the Jungle Book. This is goldwork in 3D.

I loved the colour and texture of this piece. It was created by Margaret Charlton, and she has called her work Willow Patterns. It’s a combination of printing, stencilling, collage with hand stitching using machine threads 

I love this. The artist is Amanda Wright, and she’s called her work Hope. She has used hand embroidery using 2 ply machine knitting wools and cottons onto canvas backed with bonding lining

I’d love to have something like this in my home. It’s so interesting to look at. The work has been created by Cas Holmes, and is called Edges of Australia. It has been created in scroll form, and she has used materials flounder or given to her on her travels around Australia. It’s a combination of drawings, found cloth, paint, gathered ephemera, machine and hand stitching.

And finally, can you believe this has been made mainly of French knots! Seriously. How cool is that. The artist is Janet Payne, and it’s called Celebration.

So sad we didn’t get chance to see the rest of the work on display, or take more photos. I think you can tell just from the few I’ve shared here, the calibur of work in display. Next year, there’s no way I’m missing anything !


Tracy Welham said...

I love the stitching side of NEC show too, there is so much to see and inspire. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Gail Barlow said...

There were some amazing and artistic pieces in the Sewing/Stitching show! Like yourself I was very impressed.

I enjoyed watching and talking to you at the NEC. You were very kind to show me what the TH Distress Oxides were like.