Saturday, 13 January 2018

Plan of action! WORKSHOPS

I’ve been very remiss at not wishing everyone a happy new year! How rude. I hope everyone had a wonderful time, and 2018 has started well for you.

It’s new year, so a good time to make plans for the year ahead, and we have indeed been planning. Here’s a list of workshops that we have scheduled so far. There will be more, as I am doing some joint workshops as well, but we wanted to get these dates out there so people could start booking early.

There is also the incredible opportunity to join me in the trip to India, I will share that again in a later post. For now, here’s the plan so far:

The workshops will generally run 10-4, but there may be a few where the times have changed, but we will keep you posted. We have decided to reduce the cost of the workshop and ask people to bring their own lunch - this will just be more practical for us, especially when trying to find venues.   

All venues will have disability access.

The workshops will be £55 for the day, and this will include refreshments throughout the day, and your exciting crafty kit. We will require a deposit of £10, which will be fully refunded if you need to cancel your place, as long as that is within 2 weeks of the workshop, after that if we can not fill your place, I’m afraid you will loose your deposit.

To book your place, or for more details, please either email us, or give Mandy a call on 07517047611. We can take credit, debit cards, or Paypal.

18th February - Rottingdean - the Whiteway Centre

4th March - Chichester - the Lodge

22nd April - Hastings- Ore Centre

6th May - Guildford- the Spike (this workshop will be 11 - 6)

17th June - Tunbridge Wells 

8th July - Rottingdean The Whiteway Centre

5th August Portsmouth fratton

7th October Chichester the lodge

18th November Guildford the spike (11-6)

We are really looking forward to meeting loads of you, and sharing some techniques and giggles.


Unknown said...

wish you did them in Yorkshire I would love to come to one of your workshops

Jane Royston said...

Ooh Portsmouth is very near to me :)xx

Anonymous said...

How about one in Peterborough please?

claire potter said...

U cumin to festival hall again, I know last one in Oct u cudnt. Anyway hooe we see u there! 😎

cardmakerkb said...

How about coming up north Leonie. Would love to see you in this neck of the woods as we can't all make it down south.

Marion Jubb said...

How about down South? Chippenham or Swindon would be ideal for a lot of crafters who live in this area. I’m sure that a lot of crafters will travel from across Wiltshire if you hold a workshop around here!! It seems like most of the well known crafters don’t come down here!! Shame!!

Anonymous said...

And the midlands would be nice too as I can't get north or south

Denise Thorneycroft said...

Unfortunately too far to travel as I'm disabled and live in Yorkshire,would have jumped at a chance to have a workshop with you. Keep up the good work though and maybe consider us in the future.

GinaB said...

Really glad to see something down south for a change as most of the craft shows furthest South is Alexander Palace! Portsmouth Chichester and Guildford looking good!

miniG said...

Really need one in either Sheffield or Doncaster. Enjoyed the one we did at the Craftstation Kirkby in ashfield with you

Leonie Pujol said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. Mandy and myself are just getting the workshops up and running, so initially we need to try and organise them close to where we live, as it’s easier when it comes to finding the venues and travelling (as we have lots of stuff we have to bring with us). Plus, I do actually like to go home now and again! When we start to organise workshops further away we need to take accommodation into account, and also organise dog sitters. We then have to find halls which are suitable for a workshop, and as you can imagine, if these are hundreds of miles away, it’s tricky to see if they are adequate.
We are aiming to take the workshops much further than our home radius, but we need to build it up slowly. If you know of halls that would be adequate however, then we would love to hear about them, as this can save us quite a lot of work when it comes to organising.
Thank you so much, and we are thrilled so many people want us to come and visit them xxx

mckinkle said...

Oh come on girls I reckon this is a fantastic array of locations especially to start off with as Leonie says! I for one, being disabled and living in Southampton, have always found it very hard to find anything local so finding that you are coming to Portsmouth is just perfect. I for one am very grateful that you are trying to spread yourself across the countryside!

Anonymous said...

Delighted to see you are coming to Portsmouth, my daughter and I will be attending.