Thursday, 21 September 2017

Carabelle Let Leonie Loose - zinouk

Hi crafters. I'm sitting in our little presenters room here at hochanda head quarters. I've got a nice short this week as my mum and step dad are visiting me in Brighton for neil's birthday. We are going to have a few days exploring with the pack of hairy kids when I get back.

I did manage to come in for my Let Leonie Loose show however...had to, one can't miss a couple of hours and the wonderful stamps that are Carabelle. I love the art work Azoline produces, they are really quirky and unique images, great to work with. I created a whole host of backgrounds, and then had fun decorating them with Zinouk.

I thought I'd share some of my makes.

Thank you for those who have already booked to join me on one of my workshops, I think there are still spaces, so if you haven't booked yet, have a look at th previous post for further details.

I created a stamped background, which I embossed with white embossing powder. I then used a stencil (in the show I actually used my In A Spin die cut) to paint through and add a paint layer onto the stamped image.  Really chuffed with the way it turned out.

Art journals are brilliant for experimenting and keeping a visual record of your makes.

I love this little image, he's so cute. The background is made with acrylic paints, which have been layered and then gesso to create a highlighted area.

This background was actually paint directly applied to the stamp, so the image isn't a solid stamped image, which I really liked.

I think my flower dies go really well with the funky flowers from azoline

Finally, zinouk becomes a mermaid....and why wouldn't you. Just for the holidays


Dawn Tylee said...

Wonderful cards Leonie x

Alison Horne said...

Thanks for showing these up close Leonie. Its great to see the details that you miss on them and love carabelle.

Leonie Pujol said...

Hi ladies. Thank you so much. The photo's looked a little bit better on my phone than when I posted them on here! But at least it's closer than on the tv. So glad you like them...and share my love of everything Carabelle! :) xx

Gail Allan said...

I love these Leonie, I love your work, your a very talented lady xx💖

denise Stevenson said...

Love these 💜💜 Namastee Leonie x

denise Stevenson said...
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