Saturday, 7 January 2017

Inky fingers all round :)

I love my job.

I've spent the last couple of days in Chesterfield visiting the Crafters Companion store - which, may I add, is absolutely lovely.  Debbie and the girls are so helpful - they really did look after me.  The store is really pretty....and there's a Dobbies, Holland and Barrett and more!  What more can you ask for.

That's all brilliant, but the best bit about my job is, of course, the wonderful people I meet.  I did 4 make and takes each day, which is pretty hard work, I won't lie - but it is so incredibly rewarding it's worth every second.

Working on craft TV can sometimes be snubbed by people - in fact some people are quite disparaging about it, but what do they know!  I get to meet the viewers.  I get to see, and hear, just how much people love us sharing all the techniques, and learning how to use the products.  Craft is such an amazing tonic.  It's escapism.  It helps you relax.  It is mindfulness.  To look at something you have created and feel proud, is a brilliant feeling.  Meeting new people with the same interests.  And, lets face it, keeping our brains ticking by continuing to learn and enjoy ourselves.....these are just a few reasons why crafting is so rewarding.  And the TV makes it so accessible to so many people.

I'm lucky though, because TV is only part of my job.  I am a crafter first and foremost, so to share the things I have learnt is an absolute pleasure. I feel so privileged that  I am part of something that actually brings happiness to peoples lives.

I've come home, a little sleepy, but very happy.....can you tell :)

Now, I just need someone at home who can cook a really nice vegan meal and have the bath run for me....the hairy kids don't seem to have mastered either as yet.  Although, they are the masters of unconditional love and cuddles :)

I didn't take as many photo's as I should have, but I wanted to share just a few.  Can I say, a special hello to  Flo, what an absolute joy to meet you.  You are such an inspiration xxxxx

Thank you everyone who joined me...I can't wait to do it all again :)


hollyberry said...

So glad you had a wonderful time at the store. Why do people snub you,I don't understand that at all,but then what do I know? You are a lovely person who enjoys her job and is generous in sharing her skills and knowledge with others. Long may you continue! x

BridgetCG said...

Hi Leonie, sounds like you had a lovely time at the store, your pics are really great. I enjoy watching what you do, and love how you are not afraid of getting all inky and messy. Take care. Bx

Wendy L said...

Wonderful, nothing like crafters. xxxx

Victoria-Plum said...

Hi Leonie...
Well I love watching you on the telly!
If you weren't on there I wouldn't get the privilege of seeing and being inspired by you! I don't get out often because of my condition/illness.
Your work is amazing and you make my week with your LLL show! and love catching up with you on here.

Thank you for your continued amazing work and brightening my weeks! Long may you continue.

Lots of crafty hugs
Victoria X

Debrafide said...

Hello Leoine!

Great post – Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I feel sorry for anyone who would think to snub people who work on Craft TV – it must be hard work but you are getting to do something that you enjoy and that many people would never dare to do or be brave enough: to stand in front of a camera, present clearly, demonstrate items skills, new learning and ideas and still smile.

The amount of times I have been sat in my craft/art room laughing at something that has happened – something funny said, something done or just plain enjoying watching crafting on TV – it’s the extended TV family of friends and fun. The joy craft can bring you is immeasurable and that is coming from me who is a self confessed: fabric, beads and anything crafty hoarder & someone who loves creative art & design. Thanks for being you Leoine! Debra X

joyce said...

Hi Leonie- watching you do demos is a revelation. Your attitude is so uplifting and gives others the inspiration to try out all sorts of crafting, even if it doesn't always work. Well it's only a piece of paper or card - try again. Loved taking part in your demos at Newton Aycliffe. Please come back north soon.xxjoyce

Myra said...

Hello Leonie,
What beautiful photos! I'm sitting here smiling as I type! I'm not daft really!!
Just wanted to tell you that I took the plunge and bought the lovely Gemini Machine! I'm getting too old to turn a handle!! Ha ha!
You are responsible for my purchase, young lady! I had watched a few Shows but you were on the last one and you sold it to me because I trust you and you were so enthusiastic about it! It should be coming any day now! I'm soooo looking forward to that. Another very good friend bought one a few months ago and is thrilled with it!
Will have to sit on hands for a week or two!!
Love Myra xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Leonie, So glad your make and takes went well, I know how hectic it must be for you, but your customers really appreciate all your help, as do we watching you. I think people who snub people on craft TV are really, jealous !! they don't realise how hard you all work, and we are the grateful recipients. Thank you !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Dawn Tylee said...

Brilliant blog Leonie ..I really can't understand those who snub TV craft. I discovered you & Dawn many many years ago now ..I was just going through a horrendous time ..cancer ..I was just about to become a grandma for the first time...after a grueling session of chemo I turned on the TV found QVC ..& I thought ..I can do that ..years later I have fully stocked craft room doing some I love gives me unconditional pleasure makes me happy ..the presenters are like family ..make me smile & laugh out little lady just keep on doing what your doing as you make some one smile everyday ..not many folk can say that.

Leonie Pujol said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I really do appreciate them. I am so so pleased you all enjoy the shows. Crafting is so rewarding isn't it. I agree, those who snub it are just jealous and being a little spiteful. Their loss :)

I hope you love your Gemini Myra, I'm really sure you will. It's so easy!

And I do love that you feel the presenters and guests are your extended family and friends. I think that's a massive part of the joy of our job, that it is so welcoming and involving. It's lovely :) xxxx

Tracy Welham said...

Sounds like a lovely day with lots of happy memories for all. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie thanks for an amazing make and take. My mum and I came to this event and it has really set me off crafting again,in fact I made a card that afternoon from one of the backgrounds and the recipient was thrilled. Ignore the haters you're amazing and a great inspiration.��