Wednesday, 10 February 2016

That's it - I have a WEEK!!!!

A week.


Don't think about it, as I get palpatations :)

Now, the good news is, I managed to find scraper foil - well I had to buy some actually, as mine is in such a safe place I feel I may not find it again for some time.

The bad news.

I've gone and left my phone in Cambridge, which means I can't take photographs.  Can you believe it - I don't own a camera!  I've only just realised this fact.  I knew my phone had become an extension of my arm, but I didn't realise just how important it was.  How very silly.  Anyway, this means, I'm afraid I can't do a blog post like I generally do - so I will do my challenge tomorrow when, hopefully, I will be able to pick my phone up.

Instead, can I bore you with my reminiscing again - I do like an excuse to do this (not that I've lost my phone just to give myself an excuse to look through old photo's!).

Okay, do you reconise this chap:

It's our very own, award winning, Dean Wilson :)  This was on my second (I think) CHA trip.  This was one that required very early mornings, scarily early!  We were in Vegas, so going to bed at 8pm was just strange - but when you need to be getting up at 3am, it needs to be done.  Another brilliant experience. The CHA is so inspirational, with so many incredible designers and products.

Obviously we got to work with so many really lovely people.  The shows from Spellbinders were always brilliant, and here we have the fabulous Kim and Ken, bringing us some stunning dies from Spellbinders.

The quality of this photo isn't brilliant, but I had to share it anyway.  My sisters hen do, one of my favourite weekends away, ever.  Such good fun.  We had a brilliant house, with a hot tub and it's very own swimming pool.  We had massages, a night out, fancy dress, fireworks and a murder, mystery evening.  We really crammed it in.  Oww, and our very own bar man :) Such a brilliant bunch of girls xx

haha, these make me laugh.  There's so many people I'll miss at C&C, we did have such a good time (and obviously worked very hard).  The beautiful and talented Sarah Milsop, and myself, prepping shows :)

This is the last photo I'll share this time.  I love this photograph.  My little Teela Mai.  She's 14 now (or 15, I'm a bit rubbish with time).  Doesn't she just look like the happiest dog in the world, and she still does this - skips along smiling, but she has also become really cheeky.  She now sticks her head in my handbag without any shame.

Normal service will continue tomorrow :)


karenlotty said...

Lovely photos

hollyberry said...

Don't apologise for reminiscing and sharing your photos. Love the crafting but also love to learn more about you and it is really interesting to get a peep around the door into your life.(but then I'm just plain nosey!)

Kitty Davies said...

Hi Leonie.
thank you so much for sharing your lovely Photos with us.
It is nice to look back sometimes.
Take care Kitty.

carol edwards said...

How lovely sharing pictures that have a special meaning. X

Jackie Durrant said...

Thanks for sharing Leonie

merlin said...

Ahh! My baby girl is 10 in April and she has gotten more cheeky too. It's obviously a second childhood thing! Hasn't the time flown, it doesn't feel like so long ago that you were just starting your countdown. Hopefully, this new position will be everything you hope for and I cannot wait to see you demonstrating again xx

Sue Balawajder said...

Lovely photos. My, how fast is the time flying.Before you know it we will be searching the T.V shows looking for you,your own "crafty stalkers"/ friends :0)

Linda Simpson said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us.
Linda xxx