Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Schedule changes

Hi crafters, there's been a schedule change that I'm happy to report, as I'm now on with the wonderful Fran at 11am and 6pm. Plus I have still got my first Let Leonie Loose show, which I really hope you can join me for.

Seeya there!!


Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, I'm poised ready, I love Fran and all Stampendous products, see ya there !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hollyberry said...

Caught the show by accident as your schedule change has only just come through,don't understand whybitbtakes so long.
Anyway really enjoyed the show and am now ready and waiting for 2pm. 40 minutes and counting. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Absolutely loved the Let Leonie Loose show, hope you will be doing more ☺
Chris ☺

chris wilmot said...

Absolutely loved the Let Leonie Loose show, hope you will be doing more ☺
Chris ☺

Delia said...

Let Leonie Loose was absolutely great. Getting out of scrapes and mistakes is SUCH a valuable thing to be shown, even though you didn't mean to create that situation. You were brilliant and I learned so much from you - thank you. x

Leonie Pujol said...

Thank you everyone, my LLL shows will be a weekly occurrence!! Hope you can tune in :) xx

Brunemma said...

I loved it all today. You did such a grand job. Such a joy to watch a proper crafter crafting !!

Will be watching every week -p.s. It is your fault I ended up joining the club!

Pam xx

Anne Chilvers said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your LLL shows Leonie, lovely selection of stamps, papers, pens etc., and I'm so glad you praised Stickles, I've always loved them ! I couldn't email in as our internet was down, but wanted to say your techniques were fab and I found it very enjoyable, educational and relaxing watching you do your stuff! Your enthusiasm and passion shines through and the fact that you used clear embossing powder by mistake was great as it showed how to turn things around, as well as demonstrating the resist method, and the tights and talcum made me smile...another good tip though ! I also discovered Kaleidoscope embossing powder which is a new one on me, must get some of that ! Will be watching your other shows, especially the ones with Fran who I missed yesterday. Well done Leonie, your LLL shows will be the highlight of the week for me...I'm even thinking about joining the Freedom club ! xx

Anne Crawford said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your shows , great to have you back !
Anne xo