Thursday, 25 February 2016

News on the craft auction

Wow, thank you so much, the auction has reached £75!! I will match it, and of course have your art work framed.

There will be auctions each day to remember the time Jacob was with us, so 5 in total. Please don't feel pressured, i understand not everyone is in a position to bid, and your kind words have, as always, been wonderful. And please, the following days bids - not amount is to small, as I know every offer is made from the heart. 

Thank you - the bidding will close at 8pm xx


Linda Simpson said...

What a wonderful thing to do Leonie, I can't believe it has been that long. My thoughts are with you as I am sure Jacob is with you too.
Linda xxx

Anne Chilvers said...

I will keep an eye on the next 4 items, it's a lovely thing you are doing, I can't match the current bid on your first item - what a great start !.. but hope to be able to join in for such a worthy cause Leonie xx

Margaret A said...

Hiya..just back from chemo so didnt get to bid. Been thinking about you today. Big cuddles xx ( I dont do hugz)😊

pab1944 said...

How very sad Leonie I didn't know about your sadness
my heart goes out to you. I will say a pray for you
tonight god bless and keep you