Monday, 22 February 2016

More giveaways

Evening zcrafters. Sorry for the late post. I've been really busy today. I've been making cards for my show on Wednesday, and prepping my demonstrations. I love the stamps I have picked to work with - not a bad job is it :) I hope you'll like them as well. All will be revealed. I'll do some tutorials for some of the cards I have made. 

This evening I have a couple more pieces from the crafty countdown, up for grabs:

To be in with a chance of winning I would like you to tell me which days these appeared on the countdown - leave your answers on the comments, and I will pick a couple of winners at random.

Good luck everyone :) xxx


Sarah (Debbie) said...

65 days to go

Absolutely love these. The colours are wonderful 🌟🌟

SpookysCraftyMess said...


Jennifer Johnston said...

Hi there Leoni, lovely to see you back on T.V. you're
a breath of fresh air ! I am now a follower of your
Blog. Saw you recently on Imagination Craft's shows
on Hochanda TV. where some of my samples were shown.
Brilliant shows. Hugs Jennifer xx.

Turnidus said...

65 and 64 days to go!

Can't wait to see your show on Wednesday - will have to record it as I will be at work, but that's my evening viewing sorted!

Nicky x

Crafty Cook said...

54 days to go. Have missed your sense of humour on tv
Jay xx

Crafty Cook said...

oops meant 64 lol

hollyberry said...

Hi Leonie

They appeared on days 65 and 64.

Can't wait for your show on Wednesday. Any chance you can give us a list of your show times for the week at the beginning of each week so we know when you will be on?

dmouse19 said...

I so miss my daily countdown emails.
I have withdrawal symptoms LOL.
65 Day
Sadly I have day 64 missing so can't comment on that day.
Wish you would turn them in to an inspirational book
It would be a best seller
Hugs and sunshine hun
♥♥♥ :-)

Kitty Davies said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you so looking forward to your shows.
Leonie I cannot remember yesterday never mind 60 odd days ago Lol. so I won't cheat, just to say they are brilliant, Take care Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni, really looking forward to your Wednesday show and seeing all the products you have chosen.
Day 64 and 65 are the days for these lovely projects you shared.x

julie_woolston said...

Absolutely stunning Leonie, can't wat for your show.
Hugs Julie xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, I'm loving watching you again on TV.

Days 64 and 65, we saw these 'beauties'.

I'm looking forward to your demo's.

Lots of love from Patricia xx

Crafty bunny said...

They appeared on "64 & 65 days to go". You're a "natural"!- what a seamless debut you made on Hochanda, so professional &fun all rolled into one "ickle" package called Leonie!!!!!!! Well done & can't wait for tomorrow when you're let loose for 2hours!!!! Jane x

pab1944 said...

Lovely projects Leonie you must have a brain
that never stops working. Looking forward to your
on Wednesday have a great time
big hugs

Lindsay Firth said...

65 and 64 loving the projects and made my first hochanda purchase on your 1st day xx crafty hugs


Saintly Lisa said...

Hi Leonie
Just want to say how much I have enjoyed your blog during the countdown, you've inspired me to have a go! These were on days 65 & 64. Lisa x

Tybalt said...

Hi Leonie

I'm enjoying watching you in your new home and look forward to seeing your show tomorrow, it should be interesting!

I really enjoyed reading all the countdown blog.

Days 64 and 65 is the answer.

Maureen x

Jo Simpson said...

Ello My lovely ;)
It was 64 & 65 days.
Looking forward to catching up with you at Ally Pally again xxx
Luv Jojo xxx

susan_merrey said...

Gorgeous work as always. I really enjoyed your countdown posts - will you keep up the good posting??

These two items appeared on day 64 and 65. Thanks for the chance to win :)

melys said...

Looking forward to your shows tomorrow- already to be taped. (days 64 and 65)

SpookysCraftyMess said...


Karen Petitt said...

The first one is 65 days to go and the second is 64 days to go! I'm looking forward to Wednesday and your shows! Thank you for the chance Karen x

Lynne said...

Beautiful pieces. They are from day 65 and 64 of your countdown. I'm really looking forward to your show tomorrow Leonie. Have fun. x

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Leonie, was actually quite nice to while away an hour going back through your posts (despite everything I have to do!!) and I'm amazed at how much you managed to create during your "leave". These pieces were on days 64 and 65 of the countdown. Unfortunately I'm out most Wednesday afternoons but will be able to tape your show so can catch up tomorrow evening. Wishing you well, Jackie xx

Alison D said...

Hi Leonie, it's been fun looking through all the lovely projects you've created during your countdown. I just wish I had half your creative mind, how special would my creations be then. Anyway, the days you've asked for are 65 and 64, 13th and 14th December 2015. Loving seeing you on Hochanda, have missed you on my tv screen. Best of luck with all your future plans. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

JeanyR said...

Hi Leoni,

I have looked looking through all the beautiful things you have created during the countdown.
The days you made the lovely projects above are 64 & 65.

Looking forward to your show on Wednesday, Good luck in all you do.

Jean E X

cardmakerkb said...

Hi Leonie. Unfortunately I will miss your show tomorrow. I'm afraid it's that work thing I have to do. The projects were on days 64 and 65. Have a good day playing. Kath. x

janet said...

Really looking forward to tomorrow's show. Will have to record it as I have a visitor -and I want to enjoy properly!! Cheated and days 64 and 65 seem to be the days the cards appeared!! My memory isn't that good for exact days, but I did rememeber seeing them!!

Chrissie Roberts said...

Love these. I will have to record your programme tomorrow as I am out. You'll be great

Alison Sault said...

Hi Leoni, certainly remember this lovely creation, but my old mind won't let me remember exactly what day, I could just copy everyone's answer, but I won't lol, it is Lush tho' take care xx

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous shows hun, lovely to see you on our screens.
Linda xxx