Friday, 12 February 2016

6 days remaining

Finally, my challenge post. Sorry (again) for the late post. In all honesty I've been chatting on the phone (it's back) for over and hour - so couldn't load the photos onto my computer :) haha. Not a great excuse, but it's true.

Anyhow, here goes. So, the challenge was to use 

Scraper foil
Gilding wax

Thank you for the challenge, Ruth, please send me your address and I will send the finished card to you, my email is

The search for scraper foil was successful, I found professional grade scraper foil, with a selection of tools! Who knew it was such a thing. I restrained myself quite well, and didn't buy the whole kit, but I did buy enough to have a play.

The experiments began:

Scraper foil is essentially, a coated card.  You can get different colours of foiling, I used a holographic.  I remember this stuff when I was a kid, you could buy them with images printed on, which you then scraped off to reveal the foil which looked quite stunning against the black.  I started by coating my foil with gilding wax

I then ran it through the embossing machine with an embossing folder.  Using sandpaper, I removed the black coating, which reveled the holographic foil.  The part which had been debossed retained the gilded finish

I then decided to add a little alcohol ink to the foil, to see how that looked

Pretty cool

My second piece was gilded and embossed

But this time, rather than remove all the coating, I used the scraper tool to just remove sections.  I like this, the foil almost looks like little gems.  It really suits the embossing folder as well.  This folder is one of the Couture Creations folders, I'm not sure which one but I can check if anyone needs to know

I changed to the bronze gilding wax, to see how that would look using the same technique

But the one that I went with was the silver.  This time I was quite heavy handed with the silver application, however I still wanted some of the black to show, as I feel this is integral to the design, and the reason I am using scraper foil

I continued playing - as obviously I haven't anything else to do (fooooollll).  This is a die, which I embossed as opposed to die cutting, and a different embossing folder

I like how you can just scrap sections of the image, so can be quite specific

As I had played for quite a while, I decided to work on a quick card.  I embossed a larger piece of the scraper foil card, and covered it with the Pebeo gilding wax.  Allow it to dry for a few moments, then buff it off with a soft cloth, for a beautiful sheen

Now scrap off the coating in the centre of the circles.  I used a cross hatch design, which looks quite effective.

I then used the same embossing folder to emboss the design on some acetate.  This is the heavy weight acetate.  I used adirondack permanent pens to colour in the leaves

When this is laid directly over the top of your card, the leaves really stand out, and look almost jewel like

I used black and a stunning green metallic card to mat and layer

Obviously acetate is tricky to stick down, so I cut my card layers down first which I intended to strap across the front of the card

I stuck the card to the acetate, using strong double sided tape

And then added adhesive under the layer of card, onto the acetate.  This allows me to stick the acetate to the card, whilst hiding the glue

I finished the card with a sentiment, ribbon and a few little gems

You can see the added texture the acetate adds to this card

I hope you like your card Kim.  Thank you everyone who joined in this time, I plan to ask you for challenge idea's on Monday - so get your thinking caps on, and we'll see how many good suggestions I get this time.  It'll be the last challenge before....the Big Day!!  eeeekkk xx

Night all :)


Sarah (Debbie) said...

Its gorgeous Leonie

Will have to get some scrapper foil now to try your techniques

Ty for sharing

Good luck in your new job

Much love xxxxx

hollyberry said...
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hollyberry said...

A real jewel of a card,sorry!
Like the way you have only scraped small areas of the card to give highlights. You seem to have enjoyed playing with your new toy,lots of bits to make other things with.
Hope yoiu slept well.

Kitty Davies said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you for the brilliant idea's.
A great card.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni love how you play away and we get to see it all along the way. Love what you've done x

Jean said...

This is stunning, Leonie. I'd never heard of scraper foil and now I can't wait to try it. I would not have thought of adding acetate, either. Thanks for giving me new ideas. I've been making cards for some years now but you've shown me techniques I've never seen before.
Many good wishes for your new job, Jean Williams.

Janice K said...

Stunning card, love the jewel effect you created, I must have a go myself. Thank you for the great inspiration.x

Anne Crawford said...

Fabulous card! Looks like you had lots of fun!
Anne xo

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, I love how you have shown us different ways with the scraper foil, your finished card with the scraper card, gilding wax, and acetate atop, I would never have thought to do that !! The completed card is stunning.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anne said...

Wow! I've never used scraper board but thought you only did pictures with it. How wrong was I. A wonderful card, Leonie.

Anne (Northampton)

Matilda said...

Will you be doing any mixed media at he Craftathon in March?

Sue B said...

Oh no Leoni this looks so fab I will now have to get some scraper foil to play with. Thanks for the brilliant post TV

Margaret said...

Lovely x

Diane said...

Brilliant ideas Leonie I must admit was not a big fan of scraper foil but you have transformed it! Amazing x

Pam B said...

Love this, never heard of scraper foil before so thank you for sharing
Happy Crafting
Pam x

Margaret A said...

I actually found some scraper foil in my craft room yesterday(looking for something else obviously 😊)so am off to play. Thanks again for the inspiration. X

Margaret A said...

I actually found some scraper foil in my craft room yesterday(looking for something else obviously 😊)so am off to play. Thanks again for the inspiration. X

Lea Brawn said...

Amazing card x

Chrissie Roberts said...

Fantastic card and brilliant ideas Leonie. Time has certainly flown!

Myra said...

Very effective Leonie! I'm learning lots of new tricks!
Thank you so much! Xxxx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is fabulous! I love the gorgeous designs you have used to emboss. Have a wonderful weekend.
Linda xxx

Jill Hewitt said...

Wow ❤ it x

Maria said...

Love it, I'd never heard of this before Leonie, so think it's going to be (yet another)crafty addiction x

Jackie Whiteman said...

OMG I am so going to try this out - I have scraper foil that I bought ages ago and embossed it, etc. Yours is so much better and this will go on my list of things to do (already as long as my arm - or someone's much taller than me, lol) - cheers Leonie, love your stuff and looking forward to next week....not long now, how are the butterflies doing?? xxx

Jackie Durrant said...

I know I have some scrapper foil somewhere so must really find it over the weekend now I've seen what brilliant pieces you can create. Thank you so much for all the ideas and pictures Leonie.

Leonie Pujol said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I'm glad everyone seemed to like the card. The butterflies have turned into pterodactyls!! I won't be doing mixed media for the workshops with Phill, Matilda, but I will definitely schedule some in this year - as I'm certainly addicted. I even bought some mount board frames, so I can make some things to actually frame. This is the plan :) xx

lilian said...

Fab card , going to have to get some scrapper foil.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

cardmakerkb said...

Fab card. Congrats to Ruth for being picked for the challenge and winning such a stunning card.

Delia said...

I don't think I can find words - oh yes I can: absolutely astonishingly beautiful x

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow fantastic, need some scraper foil now, just hope I get results as good as yours

Heather Treble said...

Hi Leonie,
Great ideas and the card is beautiful,
Thanks for sharing,