Monday, 15 February 2016

2 days to go everyone!!

Oh wow, the crafty countdown is so close to the end!  So this will be the last challenge for this countdown - lets make it a good one.  All you need to do, if you haven't joined in with my challenge yet, is to leave your suggestion in the comments below.  It can be anything - but you need to give me 3 things to work with.  Any 3 things.  I will then pick someone at random.  Thank you everyone for joining in.

I'll have a little reminise in the meantime.  Wax paper, this was used for helping release die cuts from their dies, but there are so many other uses.  This was a little exploration:

I liked using it with my embossing folders.  Emboss, and then iron onto your card.  Add ink, and look how amazing the results are:

Scrunch your waxed paper, and iron - stunning.  Or use your rubber stamps, again printing the image onto the wax paper, and then transferring it onto the card.

I then used the background I had created, with the brilliant Inkadinkadoo stamping gear system. 

Okay folks, set that challenge......


julie_woolston said...

Gorgeous Leonie, aww so close now are you excited for your new venture to be announced, I know I am can't wait.
My three things are
Gilding flakes.
Hugs Julie xxx

Jacki Daniels said...

Hi Leonie wow who would have thought you could get all these effects from wax paper. Me thinks I will have dig mine out I know I have some somewhere (just where though hhhmmm) Great inspiration from you as always love them all

CornishKat said...

Love this effect, the red one looks amazing.
My three things are
embossing powder
tumble drier sheet
Katrina xx

hollyberry said...

Lovely effects using waxed paper. I too have some in a safe place.
For your challenge bubble wrap,tissue paper,wire

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I love this technique and the gorgeous results you get with it too.

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried wax paper yet, but I love the effect.
Three things for the challenge -
skeleton leaves, buttons and ribbon.

MFM said...

Just beautiful. Would never have thought to try wax paper in this way.
Good Luck with your new venture, hope we see you soon on our TV, demonstrating like a demon.
My 3 items for your challenge
old newspaper
Happy Crafting
M F M xx

cardmakerkb said...

Hi Leonie. I have wax paper for using in die cutting, trouble is I always forget to use it so maybe I'll have a play with it using other techniques.
My three items for your final challenge are
Angelina fibres
Frantage embossing powders
Self adhesive canvas x

Ruthieroo said...

This is great, will try this tonight! As to the challenge, i was going to say angelina fibres but someone has already suggested it, so what about corrugated card, stamps and gilding wax? Can't wait to see you on tv again! Ruth x

Margaret said...

Love the last card. I tend to make 6 x 6 cards and found the stamping gear too big to fit but it doesn't have to does it?!! Must try this.
Don't know why I haven't before as I like the 'off the card' look!! :) Mxx

Simone said...

Hi Leonie!

A drinking straw
Watercolour paper


Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Leonie, Fabulous samples here using wax paper, I will be trying out these techniques, they look brilliant.
Distress pens, vellum or parchment, gilding flakes.
Nearly there now !!!!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Leonie,
Only 2 days, OMG!!!!
Here are my 3 things.
Alcohol Inks
See you soon!!
Maureen xxx

Helen said...

3 things for a challenge:
Wooden clothes pegs
Decorating chalk
Washie tape

Sue Balawajder said...

What a fabulous effect, there you go again, just got around to trying the shaving foam technique and now I have to find wax papers! :0) Blimey time is flying.3 things are MDF shape,paste and loads of metal charms.

Anonymous said...

Three things for challenge:
Leaf skeleton
Flower soft


ritchie said...

Good luck with your new job

manc_lass said...

Been loving your blog Leonie, lots of great ideas and techniques to try, thank you!
So, for your last challenge, how about:
Something Tim Holtz Idea-ology and
An envelope


Jan Sharp said...

Yes, need to play with wax paper. Inspirational again, Leoni.
My choice: acetate, twine, pan pastel
Have fun, Jan x

stephen nicholls said...

hiya luvly my choice are:
melt pot (anything with)
pan pastels
gilding waxes
good luck hugs xxx

Ann said...

Hi Leoni

Oh I really like what you have done with the wax paper card is lovely

My Challenge is

1. beads

2 mulberry paper

3 chunky embossing powder

Wishing you all the best for your new job hope we shall be able to see you on

TV or at Craft Shows or Workshops

Take good care and look after yourself.

Luv n hugs Annxx

Paper Art Memories said...

How excited must you be! Good luck with everything Leonie. My three items are an emery board, tin foil and alcohol inks xxx

Paper Art Memories said...

How excited must you be! Good luck with everything Leonie. My three items are an emery board, tin foil and alcohol inks xxx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Leonie very interesting to see what you have done with the waxed paper. For your challenge how about utee, leaves and wallpaper. Best wishes Jackie x

carol edwards said...

Wow it's just like waiting for Father Christmas to come Leonie. Love the wax paper techniques. My 3 things are: Grunge paper or card, a die and any paint medium. X

nikki goddard said...
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nikki goddard said...

Loving your challenges ...I challenge you to use lace...perfect pearls and mdf. ..I look forward to seeing what you choose and what u come up with

Debbie Raybould said...

Hi ya huni,
My 3 are
Acetate, buttons & copy paper❤️
Good luck
Hugs x

Chris Patterson said...

Hi Leonie Sue B said I've just tried eggshells mosaic...not as easy as I thought!...a work in progress!....2 days eek!...Challenge. ..Prosecco Cork or corks...Prosecco label...Anything Stampendous...xx

Chris Patterson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pearl dalley said...

My three things are grunge paste gilding flakes and canvas

karenlotty said...

I can't believe the countdown has nearly finished You must be sooooo excited and probably very nervous - don't be because we're all looking forward to seeing you again I love the wax paper technique Nd the resulting card is just gorgeous I must have another go Does it have to be on gloss card as seen on a different blog?
My three items are

Myra said...

Hello Leonie,
I'm a bit late - been tidying craft room! Whew!
Love what you've done with the waxed paper!m
My three things are a leaf, a key and glossy accents!
Take care! Xxx

lilian said...

Hi Leonie, love the card, wow how time flies , are the butterflies flying in your tummy yet !!!
I'm probably to late for the challenge so I'll just say good luck in where ever and what ever you are going to do.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Elaine said...

Gorgeous card. Can't believe you only have 2 days to go. Looking forward to seeing you back x

Anne Crawford said...

Hi Leonie,
I love all your challenges and can't wait to find out what your new venture can be, I wish you " all the best " in whatever you have chosen.
I think you have enough ideas above to choose from , they all sound interesting, good luck!
Anne xo

Margaret said...

Forgot to say yesterday: sequins, sandpaper and silver. Mxx

Joanne said...

Loved every day of your challenges. You are so talented. Good luck dear lady.
1. Modelling paste
2. Paper clips
3. Sewing thread


Christine said...

Gorgeous as usual
1. Mulburry paper
2. Liquid pearls
3. Ribbon

Christine said...

Gorgeous as usual
1. Mulburry paper
2. Liquid pearls
3. Ribbon

Christine said...

Beautiful Leonie
Mulburry paper, liquid pearls, ribbon

Chrissie Roberts said...

Thank you for these great tips Leonie. I have never heard of all of them bar the die release.
texture paste
gilding flakes


Angela & Michael said...

Hi Little Leonie
Hope you are keeping well. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere, we do not know where you will be.
We would like to see gilding flakes over a stencil, the best outcome please.

Good luck for your future.
Angela and Michael in Sunny Oxford (at present!!)

Shirley said...

I'm going to be kind - or boring - as you're about to start a new job! So, my choices are;
● a favourite stamp
● Versa fine ink
● your newest embossing folder

Good luck, Leonie!

Sue said...

This is a first for me, so angel hair fibre, melt pot, and aa metal stencil. Have fun

Hugs Sue

Diane said...

Fantastic inspiration once again, thank you
Three things for you....

A piece of wood (to touch for good luck)
A bluebird (to Symbolise happiness)
And the colour red (the colour of success)
And I wish all three for you .......have fun 😊

P.s eeeek the red and blue might clash....oh well that's the challenge.....I'm sure you can do it!!

rolfi said...

Hi Leonie,

I would say:
1. Acetate
2. Lacquer
3. Alcohol Inks favourite technique - I´m sure you know what to do.

Good luck for the new job

Sarah Brennan said...

Good luck with your new project now that it's almost here. I can't wait to see you and Phill Martin on 6th March after yesterday's post!
My challenge:
1 Black gesso
2 Glossy accents
3 Tissue paper

Anne Chilvers said...

Stunning results from the wax paper :) How about wire, texture paste and micro beads ? Good luck with your future projects x

Heather Treble said...

Hi Leonie,
Wow! Great techniques, another few to add to the to do list.
My 3 things are:
Tissue paper
Alcohol inks
Gilding flakes.

Thanks for sharing,

Pam B said...

Lovely card Leonie, Wow the time has flown by, can't wait to hear where you will be on our screens :-)
I would like to suggest:

aperture card
guilding flakes
mdf shape of some sort

Happy Crafting

Pam :) x

Angela said...

Have loved reading your blog and seeing the challenges you have taken up. My challenge items would be:

Tin foil
Alcohol Inks

Julie-Ann said...

Good luck sweetie pie, open your wings and fly creativity and I can't wait to see your shining start and infectious laugh once more. Fingers crossed we will see you with hayley in the morning, get an early night it's a school day tomorrow z

Tracy Welham said...

Very creative, thanks for sharing. Creative Blessings, Tracy x