Friday, 17 April 2015

Staz on stamping

Good evening folks. I'm blogging when I should be sleeping! It's early, but I'm whacked this evening. I've had a smashing couple of days at work. We had our 12th birthday at c&c - which lead to lots of cake eating. Had some smashing shows though, and it has been a great excuse to dress up.

I got home to be greeted by quiet dogs. This isn't a good sign. They normally bark as soon as they hear the gravel on the drive. Quiet dogs mean a surpise awaiting. Funnily enough, they arnt great at leaving good surprises.

Dylan hasn't been very well, he has a dodgy belly - which meant lots of cleaning. It took hours!! Poor little dog , I hope it's something of nothing - he's curled up by my feet now - smelling much better (oh yes, the cleaning included washing the dog!!). Poor love.

Anyway, after all that, ive decided to do a quick post this evening. I'm sharing another project (or part of one), that I did for Cardmaking and papercrafts.

I used white staz-on, stamped on acetate. I coloured the reverse of the image with cosmic shimmer pva.
I love this technique, as you don't need to worry about staying in the line, as when flipped over, the image looks perfect. I also adore the look of the pva on acetate. Mix your colours on the acetate, when they dry they give a fantastic marbling effect.

I have attached one image on a white background, and the same again but this time on black:

The other fabulous point about this technique, is the ease at sticking the acetate to the card. The pva is not only colourful - but remains a pva, so allows you to stick your image down , without a problem.

Okay folks, that's me done and off to bed.

Goodnight :)


rosemary said...

Love this Leonie must have another go.

Kathleen said...

love the effect. will have to try it.
Kathleen Mc xx

julie_woolston said...

Stunning Leonie love the effects, poor Dylan I hope is is soon better.
Hugs Julie xxx

T Ryan said...

Great technique which I must try. P.S. Loved the 50's blue polka dot dress.

Theresa Pace said...

looks great. might give it a try xx

yvonne said...

Going to have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing xx