Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Weekend excitement

Getting ready for the weekend, everything coming together, really excited!!! Debbi's team are brill, and they've put up with me saying"....mmm can I have this please?"so many times!

As usual my living room looks like a big craft bomb has hit it. Oh mother - eventually it'll all need cleaning again. Gulp.

If you would like to join us at the weekend I think there are still a few places, do check Debbi's web site:


Shall I give you a sneaky peak at one of my designs, it's my favourite actually!!
Just a little peak ;)


Nancy Foster said...

Beautiful as ever Leonie...

Linda Simpson said...

Gorgeous Leonie, have a wonderful time.

Linda xxxx

Vie Carter said...

love this design

wishing you a lovely workshop weekend, please come back to St Albans again


Anonymous said...

Loving it Leonie x

Alma burke said...

brilliant weekend with you and debbi at Drayton manor come back again soon xxx