Monday, 11 February 2013

Ali gets her masks out!

Another few photo's I wanted to share from the creations of the wonderful Ali.  I always love Ali's shows.  She really loves to use all sorts to create something amazing - from cornflour to vasaline!!  Masks are fantastic, there are so many different ways you can use them.  The general uses are the obvious ones, inking through the mask, spritzing, embossing - but then Ali mixed her PVA adhesive with cornflour to make a dimensional paste.  Check out Ali's DVD's for more idea's, and make sure you always record her shows on C&C :


val jones said...

Hi Leonie. I love Ali's creations and I'd love to have a bit of what goes on in her head to think of using such unusual materials.

Val in Spain xxx

AnnR said...

Hi Leonie could you give me the blog/web address for Ali please- these look great

whyducks said...

I always enjoy her shows, especially when she works away from the norm and gets messy!