Sunday, 20 January 2013

Home sweet home

Back to normal!  I spent the day cleaning, and of course walking the hairy kids, who absolutely loved the snow.  Teela is so cute, she wears her little padded jacket and loves to roll in the snow, and chase snowballs.  She looked happy even walking home.  Very expressive little thing that one!

Obviously back home means back to work, but that's not bad when your first show is with the wonderful Sheena!!  Really excited.  It's been so long since I've seen Sheena, and I always love everything she brings to us at C&C, and with it being our 4 day deal, it's gotta be something special, so a good way to start the week.  8am does mean I have to be up for 5.30 however.....urgh.  Hope I can sleep, feeling wide awake.  Ah, the joy of jet lag and being all mixed up!

I'll share a few snowy photo's with you for now.....


AnnR said...

Awww Glad you are back safe n sound. Missed you on C&C. My little bundle of joy doesn't like the snow much but does like putting his coat on, a must when you live in Darwen we had 8 inches of snow this morning- oh the joy of getting to work after an hours exercise digging!!!

val jones said...

Hi, I for one am glad you're back i missed your happy smiling face.

Love the snowy photos. I travel to the UK on Friday for a holiday. Hopes it's all gone by then.

Val in Spain xxx