Saturday, 13 October 2012

Happy days

At work....good when you have happy days at work isn't it! Today has been brilliant, started with the kids show, which was good fun, and met john's family who are lovely. Then two hours of crafting with Barbara grey. Two hours, how fab. I've popped a picture of my attempts, I was really happy with them, especially the London one. Sorry the pictures arnt brill, taken on my phone.

After Barbara I had the last hour Linda Peterson was doing with us for this visit. She's so brilliant. Her jewellery is fantastic. She is so inspiring. The hour absolutely flew.

To finish the day I had our Debbie and her lovely pick of the week. Loving the books she has brought out on the cd, what a great idea. The shabby chic look is so up my street, and CDs give you a wealth of possibilities.

So, all in all it's been a marvellous day. I'm gonna grab an early night so I can be up bright and early tomorrow ready for Kettering.

Night all xxx


Soo said...

Nice work if you can get it!!


christinaglitter said...

Really good work Leonie must have been great to have Barbara who is so talented to do a lesson with her. Mind you l be scared to have go on live TV ! It all in days work for you Leonie ! Your art work is top of the class you are very talented too. Well you be at the show now hope it went well and you Dawn had a great time. x

Sams Home Cooked Designs said...

I watched this show again yesterday on my recorded version, had missed the London bit, must have fallen asleep the first time around, Glass of Vino always does that to me. Anyway - just wanted to say loved the show and loved the London card it looked so good. I do think Barbara has the perfect partner for doing the classroom with. Sam