Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fusing your Fibres

My word, sleepy this evening, and I've gone and done something which really bugs me. I've left my glasses at work. This means I'll have to leave my contacts in till the bitter end, then put them in first thing. I hate that. My eyes need chance to wake up before I cover them up. Damn. Serves me right for laughing and showing off to the Deal gang because I was going home.

Had a lovely day today again. Apart from the samples going missing this morning of course. And of course they weren't missing - they were just in a very unsafe place. And it wasn't me putting them there either. Result. They are now retrieved though, so at least I'll have something to show on Saturday. Phew. It was great working with Christine and Julia. Really looking forward to the Kettering show. Pop it in your diary, it's on the 13th and 14th October. I will be there on the Sunday, lets hope it's a good turn out.

Now, today I am going to post another one of the samples from the demo at Ali Pally, again using my fibres (please check my web site if you would like to have a dabble). this time I wanted to see if I could colour the fibres, but with them being such strong colours I wanted something more intense than an ink, so used my paints. Now the first time I tried this I had already inked my stamp using versamark, then changed my mind at what I wanted to do, so applied the paint onto the stamp, over the top of the Versamark. This happens to be the key factor to this technique, as I found out when I was actually doing this again in front of everyone. The second time I did it - in front of the crowd - I didn't ink my stamp up first and just applied the paint. When I came to iron the fibres onto the stamp rather than lift the paint, I actually just ironed it into the stamp. You need to versamark your stamp prior to applying paint so the paint will life off your stamp and stick to the fibres. This does indeed paint the fibres, and takes away a little of the shine. I really liked the results and will definitely try this again with various colours to see what happens:


Caroline said...

Hi Leonie love the card I've never used fibres before looks very interesting. Why don't you take word verification off your blog it will make it easier leave a comment. You can set it up so you can read your comments first before they go on your blog. Caroline xxx

Carole Z said...

Hi Leonie, love this card..must give these fibres a go! Hope your eyes aren't too sore, Carole Z X

Leonie said...

I must be quite awake Carole, the contacts went in without any hassle this morning!! Hooray. Do try the fibres ladies, there's so much you can do with them. I quite like the word verification, it stops the spam and saves me time having to go through comments before they get published on my blog xx

val jones said...

Hi Leonie, Glad you eyes feel ok. I think people are really brave sticking contacts in their eyes. I've tried and tried but to no avail, I stick to my glasses. I'm a real lightweight I know. Love todays offering, so vibrant. I've never given fibres a go either but they give a real good effect. Another thing on my to do list.
Got all my Christmas stash out yesterday and I'm starting my cards tooday. yeh. Didn't realise I had so much left from last year and I've bought loads more but I can't resist.

Zoe Grainger said...

Hi Leonie,Just wanted to say the card is beuatiful, All your cards are a great insperation to me and my two daughters (11 & 18) Best wishes from Zoe Grainger xx