Thursday, 18 October 2012

Call for Volunteers....

This is a little request for volunteers to make cards for a show on C&C with Hayley from Pots and Pancakes, for the 18th November.  Hayley is going to be bringing us a marbling kit, which you can use to make some beautiful background papers.  Hayley is at home with making amazing rugs, painting pottery etc, but would love some paper crafters to give their take on her lovely papers - so we need a few volunteers to make just a couple of samples each for the show.  Hayley will send you a stash of papers to work with - what you use with them, and how you use them, is completely up to you.

I am looking for 5 volunteers, so we have a selection of different looks.  Please let me know if you are interested, and if possible I would love a photo of some of your work - then I have the job of narrowing it down to 5 people!!

Thank you crafters.


Olive Morris said...

Oooh I would LOVE to be a volunteer. I love to make my own cards and to learn new techniques. The marbling effect would be a new technique for me to learn.

I'm unsure how to attach a picture on a comment. I can email you some examples of cards I've already made if you like.

Lindylou said...

Would loooove to have a go. Do mostly cards. But recently done a mirror and a photo frame.
i too don't know hi to attach pics on here but my name should take you to my blog where there are lots.of pics.

massive fan of Barbara and love to and generally germ messy.
Fingers crossed am lucky.

Yvonne said...

Would love to volunteer too. My work can be seen on
Thanks for taking the time to have a look

Diane said...

Hiya Leonie,

Just emailed you my blog addy and some pictures !!

keeping my fingers crossed (and everything else !!)

Diane xx

Sarah Dunkley said...

Hiya Leonie. I would love to be given the opportunity. Here's my blog>
Great to see u at kettering btw! X

Julie Biggerstaff-Le Geyt said...

Hi Leonie, I would love to volunteer, you can see some of my work on tweeter or Facebook under Cards & More By J or at Hope you like what you see.

magic boxes said...

Hi Leoni, I would also love to volunteer. I like designing and making boxes mainly. I wouldn't have time to make an exploding box but certainly could make a gift or keepsake.

My papercraft blog is if you would be interested.

I do make cards also.

Elaine x

Kate said...

I've e-mailed you too!!

** Kate **

AnnR said...

Hi Leonie I have sent an email with photos.

Elaine said...

Hi leonie would love to volunteer. Will email you some pics if that's ok x

Julie-Anne said...

hello leonie,
count me in , i have a blog which you can look at
i am on a couple of design teams that make samples for create and craft both of which are Cd rom crafting so would not conflick with this email me if you have any questions, crafty hugs Julie-ann x

Linda said...

Hi Leonie I have sent to you an email.

Linda xxx