Saturday, 6 October 2012

Blog Candy Winner Announced!!!

Sharon Roddis - come on down the price is right!!!  Please email me your address Sharon, as you have won the blog candy, yippppeeee:

Watch out for more of those next time I do a web offer, rather good fun, and thank you to all who entered and for all your comments, there were some really lovely ones. Sorry to those of you who were unlucky this time.

Now, I thought I had better pop another project, again from my weekend at Ali Pally working with the fibres.  This time we are going to make a fibre flower.  So easy, and the fibres look amazing which ever colour you seem to use.  Now this time you need to make your fibre sheet slightly thicker than normal.  I made it round(ish), and ironed it on both sides to make sure it was properly welded together.  Trim off any ratty bits around the edges keeping the basic circle shape (don't be worried about it being perfect).  Now cut a spiral as you would when making a normal paper flower, keeping a large circle in the centre to sit the flower on when finished.  Starting from the outside of the spiral start to coil.  To make it neater in the centre I trimmed off the ratty bit at the end as well.  I also folded the sheet as I was coiling, so you do not have a neat fibres edge showing, but a folded edge.  It makes the flower more substantial.  Coil until you get to the centre then glue with strong double sided, and pinflair, to make sure it holds in place.  Using pinflair gives you a chance to adjust the flower so it sits as you want it.  If you prefer you can always hold it with a few stitches.

Viola.  A lovely shiny flower.


Soo said...

And a lovely shiny flower it is!!

Annie C said...

Well done, enjoy your prize ! Great project Leonie, and thanks for my order which arrived yesterday :o) x

Lin W said...

love this flower,i will try this one right away.

pelliott said...

This flower is just stunning. Much nicer and softer than the normal paper ones xx