Sunday, 22 July 2012

Twiddly Bitz frames

I love the frames (and everything else) from the Twiddly Bitz range. They are so versitile. Here I have used one of the frames for a way of displaying a couple of photo's from T in the Park. I covered the frame with paper, inside, around the sides, and on the front. I used Crafty Notions glue to stick the frame together. I love the depth of the frame, you can fill it with all sorts of goodies! I used my eco paints to go around the edges of the paper, which seems to tidy and finish the frame. My journalling was kept to a minimum, but I used one of the Twiddly Bitz tags to use as my journalling tag, and then wrote the names of the bands we had seen around the edge of the frame. The vintage ribbon worked really well, and I actually stapled this on (and actually stapled my finger in the process, careful with that one!!). The lace is really handy for holding my embellishment in as well. Please check out the other photo's in the gallery on my web site, which is HERE, and if you want any of the items I have used, please click on the following:

Vintage Lace

Eco Paints

Twiddley Bitz

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FreshScentsScotland said...

Hey Leonie

Love the frame, what a great idea writing the bands around the outside, brilliant for memories and so unique.

love love love!!

Amanda x