Friday, 20 July 2012

Spring Watch...or should it be Summer!!

Suppose it should be summer, well whatever the weather, our neighbourhood foxes have become regular visitors to the garden. I had to share a few photo's with you before I cart myself off to bed. They are brave, I have 3 dogs in the house - who get very vocal when they know foxes are about, given half the chance. The foxes however hear everything, even the camera shutter! I love the last one, when the two foxes are greeting each other. Beautiful creatures arn't they.


Carole Z said...

Super photos Leonie! I'm afraid I'm not a fox fan though as we have pet hens! Have a good weekend, super Spellbinder shows yesterday. I couldn't afford the whole POTW as got some dies at the last POTD, but I did get the butterflies/Venetian set :) Have a good weekend! Carole Z X

Planetsusie said...

Hi Leonie - love your photographs. We have foxes here and I think they are so beautiful, even though their calls are a little eerie! Our neighbour has them under her garage and the babies play on her lawn - they have such silly paws when they are small.

As for your doggies - think they will be more annoyed than the foxes! It was the same with our cats - the foxes couldn't care less - bless!!!

Loving your shows with the POTW and Nikki (Polka Doodles) she makes me smile, I get the feeling she has a great sense of humour.

Please keep us giggling - your laugh is infectious.

Hugs Sue Pass xx

christinaglitter said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photo's of the foxes are beautiful animals when we had the snow earlier this year a fox came in my garden looking for food in day light .Loved the Polka Doodle show with Nikki also fab POTW Anything with spellbinders is great enjoyed Julia's demo's.
Enjoy rest of weekend x

FreshScentsScotland said...

great photos Leonie. Foxes are just gorgeous animals, the cubs are just too cute!!

Hopefully we get a few nice days my garden is in desperate need of some TLC!!

Hope your having a lovely weekend

much love

Amanda xx

whyducks said...

Beautiful, just wish they would leave my ducks alone! Hope they don't leave you any little parcels in the garden for the dogs to roll in!