Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day two, this is positive.  However, I was intending by now to have everything photographed and on here with the dates set when they were to be published.  All, and I mean, all best laid plans seem to go flying out the window.  Ah well.

So, this is a project we did from the last workshop.  It turned out to be some project.  It was great actually, as everybody did something completely different.  No two were the same.

Again, please check it out on the web site, where I have put very basic instructions (sorry, you had to be there for this one!!).

Righto, past my bedtime again. Night all.


whyducks said...

So lovely, wish you had time to do this sort of thing on the telly!

Carole Z said...

Just been looking at your recent posts, you've posted some gorgeous projects Leonie, Carole Z X