Thursday, 3 May 2012

Last Min prep!!

Obviously there has to be last min prep - otherwise it wouldn't be me. I still have so much to do before we set sail on Friday, but tonight I wanted to try and get a few more samples made from the lovely kit I'll be using on the cruise. I'll share these ones as they're extra's, which we may get to do, depending on how much of a slave driver I'm feeling!! I'm not going to waffle tonight, as it's really late and I need to be up early tomorrow to crack on with my to do list before work, so here's some craftyness:


Carole Z said...

Gorgeous cards Leonie..have a great time on the cruise!
Carole Z X

FreshScentsScotland said...

Hey Leonie,

These are just lovely, really gorgeous and dainty looking.

Hope you have a great time on the cruise, not long to go now!!

Much love

Amanda x

Leonie said...

OMG ladies. I still have bags to pack and hair to wash!! Gotta get to bed though, or else I'll be late for setting sail. I hope I'll be able to blog on ship....lets wait and see.

Julie said...

These are beauties! Such cute little fur babies and the twinkly glasses are just stunning. Can't believe you are still finding the time to blog so close to the cruise! Have a wonderful time! X

joolsedesigns said...

Beautiful Cards as usual Leonie