Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The crafty cruise

Finally, I've managed to sort my photo's for those of you not on FB. Google Flickr, then in people search for me (I hope, if it works), where you will see some of the crafty members of our little gang. I will add to the album from other peoples photo's as and when. For all of you who came along, thank you. It was brilliant. The first day was a bit of a nightmare for all involved, but thankfully most issues seemed to get sorted, and from there on it seemed like plain sailing - no pun intended there as actually it was rather swayie!! I did the Hunkydory workshop. They were so incredibly generous with the kit they gave us to work with. We had so much to play with. We also got the top room, so nice and light, plus a wonderful team of helpers, with our very own Mr Nigel May, the lovely producer Emily and our very our Tarquin (Dan), Mr. Muscle/producer. It was rather nice having a bar in the room as well....not that we had anything other than soft drinks of course (well, whilst teaching!!). A few ladies did however get it completely right, and had a tipple with their crafting. Such a sensible way to craft. We didn't manage to get off the ship at Amsterdam unfortunately, but we did manage to nip into Hamburg, so at least we did get to see something of our cruise, which was good. Would have loved a few days there actually. I think everyone had fun on the dance floor. We did!! I missed the evening when the boat was at it's most entertaining, throwing the groovers all over the dance floor, I believe there's some good pics floating around of that evening though. Really disappointed I missed that one. Of course we have come home to crafting. I was with the lovely ladies at the CraftStation on Monday (hi girls). Brilliant fun with Helen and the girls. I will be popping on a few cards over the next few days, just to prove it hasn't all been fun and games :) (erm, obviously crafting is completely fun and games, it never stops....). xx


Denise and Louise said...

I was on the cruise and had a brilliant time. Hunky Dory (as you say) were very, very generous and I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Shame you were not around for the sway night - it was hilarious to watch!!
Hugs xx

FreshScentsScotland said...

Hey Leonie

Sounds like you all had a blast, i think i will defo sign up for the next one, if there is one of course!!

Its been good to see you back on our screens and I look forward to seeing you post some pics of your latest creations.

Much Love

Amanda x