Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spellbinders POW launch

Still catching up with my blog posts. The other show I wanted to share was the launch of the new POW from Spellbinders. I think Sue Wilson has transformed the way we use and look at our dies. Her cards are always so beautiful, from the understated classical design, to the ones sporting flourishes and bows - everyone looks amazing. Here's some of the cards Sue made for the show - imagine the hours of work she puts in for each show, whilst travelling to and from America for her family, and doing the shows like Ali Pally. And she still manages to do fabulous samples, always wears a smile, and never complains about the workload or stresses. Hats off to Ms Wilson :) As usual, with this new blog styling I dunno where it's gonna put the photo's, really annoying....I want them here please. Lets see what happens!!
I often wonder how people manage to fit so much stuff into a day. I often wonder how my mum did it. She had me and my sister, dad, a job, the house always looked clean, we were always fed well, she did all the laundry (I don't remember my dad helping with any of the house hold chores - sorry dad if this is a memory I've deleted, I know you are better trained these days), but she never seemed to complain about her lot. Yet I only have myself and the dogs to look after and I never have enough time in the day. I know people who only work, don't have to clean, look after anyone or anything else, cook etc yet they still complain about their lot and being knackered. Maybe some people just get on with it (and have superwomen pants on under the jeans!!). It's often the same with work, when your on air you have to put on a brave face whatever your going through (a runny nose can be harder to hide however!!). Some people are amazing. They don't complain, manage to do their work and leave all their issues at the door. I suppose it's part of being professional. And in my experience it actually helps you get over the rubbish stuff thats going on in life - smiles can be infectious can't they, and can most definitely make you feel better. And lets face it - who hasn't had a bad week/month/year. Figure we all have a t-shirt to wear!! Anyway, my "to do" list today is I hope you like Sue's creations, I'm gonna dig out my superwoman pants and try to attack the mountain of washing with determination!!

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FreshScentsScotland said...

Sue is an awesome inspiration to all us crafters, i follow her blog and the variations and ideas that she comes up with are outstanding and it always amazes me that she can come up with something different everyday!!

Thanks you for sharing these, they are fab xxx