Thursday, 15 March 2012

Harrogate at the weekend!!!

And I've not had as much chance to do prep as I wanted. Tuesday was such a frustrating day, it was 4pm before I knew what was happening. However, inbetween my rushing around I wanted to show you this background effect, using the Tim Holtz tumbled glass stain cover the page and dry. Swipe the picket fence stain over the top, then lay a circles mask over the top of this when you have let it dry a little. Dab the blue stain through the mask, then move the mask, allow to dry a little, replace the mask and dab the picket fence through. The colours merge together in a sort of controlled, but free fashion. I really had fun playing with them, really glad I got them for the web site, I had been holding out to make sure I NEEDED them (you know the drill)....I have now concluded I do indeed need them. Phew.

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