Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The GOSH bake off

You gotta do your bit, right!! So today was my first day of juicing, I bought this (and much more!):

....however today at work they have the bake off to raise money for gosh, so of course I had to help out, and bought this:

I'm doing more than my fair share by buying more cakes than humanly possible to devour (puh), and it's so obvious which looks more appealing. Damn those refined sugar chocolatey icing covered wonders.

Juicing, yep that'll be tomorrow!

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie


Anonymous said...

ahh Enjoy your Squeezing (Juicing)Leonie,and your doing a great job as all at C&C are,i still remember when i as a child went to GOSH,they are "GREAT".As we get so many Great offers on C&C i will make a Donation and hope you have a lovely day,love and best wishes to all at C&C xxx

Irene said...

Well Leonie, that bun with the fruit on looks scrummy, but won't quite class as one of your five a day, and well done to all atC&Cand IW for all the fundraising

Carole Z said...

You all did a fabulous job yesterday and I'm sure all us crafters did you proud too...well done to all of you Carole Z xx

Soo said...

Can you juice cake????