Monday, 13 February 2012

Sheena and Mich Turner in one day!!

Saturday was a great day for c&c again. I started off the day with the wonderful Sheena and paint fusion. I love this painting technique that Sheena has brought to us. It looks fantastic. And now there's a cd as well! The papers are completely up my street, and it means Sheena art is available for all. Then transfer sheets! I'll admit, it was driving me mad that my first fingers didn't seem to work, so when the cameras were off I had to have a play, and my middle fingers worked. Dodgy didgets!

Then a 2 hour cake making to decorating with the amazing Mich Turner. Have you looked at the web site yet, her designs are stunning. It was such a good show, and made my obsession with cake decorating even worse! I'd love to go to one of Mich's classes. That is certainly something I'd like to learn for my sisters wedding. It would be so special to do mazs cake. You never know! I'll pop photos on - of Sheena and her teams beautiful creations and the amazing Mich and her spring sensation:

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

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jordiegirl said...

Loved watching Mich - I was really inspired by her. Can't believe how simple it is to do the basket weave icing! I really must try it myself.

I learned lots from her just from that show!