Saturday, 3 December 2011

Learning something new

That's what I love about my job, there's always something new to learn. Today was a brilliant day, I spent and hour with Gina who makes the most fantastic buttons. Buttons, who considers the work that can go into them, and how fabulous they can look. Such an interesting show. Okay, I need practice, but this is mine!:

It is really relaxing, and they actually take shape pretty quickly so you can achieve your finished result in no time (I say this, I'm pretty sure some of the creations Gina brought in weren't knocked up in 10mins!).

And then to something completely different. An hour with Barbara in her classroom. I can no tell you how jealous I've been of everyone who has got Barbara's shows, so I was made up when I got a chance to play. You have to go on Barbara's workshops, she's an excellent teacher. I love stamping, but love learning new techniques and ways of looking at a stamp. I was always one for playing, but this has made me even more experimental. I even got to play a little after the class - happy with these!

Never will a corner stamp look the same again.

Righto, better get to bed. Early morning tomorrow, a long over due trip up north to see friends and family. Unfortunately it's being cut short, but it's all good - ill tell you all about it.

Night all xx

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pab1944 said...

Leonie what great cards made with just a corner stamp Just love the way Barbara makes it look so easy but like you i am finding my way round them too regards pauline b