Sunday, 27 November 2011


.......owww, almost too late!! Okay, what is Movember. Well, work has been over run with blokes and tashes. Loads of, well, hair! This is all in aid of charity to raise awareness and money for prostate and testicular cancer. The blokes at work have been doing a great job of fundraising, and of course, the girls have to help when we can - so we tashed up, and did our bit for the boys!

Please, if you haven't already donated to this important cause, then visit Dan's page, here's the link:

Movember Dan's Tash!!

Thank you so much, and here's the man himself sporting a damn fine tash (and Mr Frisby, mmmm, that's not real now is it Mr Fris!! Tut tut).

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Ruthie said...

Such a great cause - the guys at Toni and Guy in Canary Wharf are doing it! Mark and Jorych look really cool! Unfortunately, this one does tend to show up those who just cant grow a tache!!! Lol x