Saturday, 8 October 2011

Elegant inspirations

Im a bit of a lazy blogger arnt i? Well, all thats in the past!! I see so many lovely people, products and finished samples why am i not sharing. Selfish bird eh! So, this is the first of many celebrating the crafty wonderness that is C&C.

My first show today was lovely. First let me introduce the ladies:

Tina, Debbie and Jo (Jo being the owner of Elegant Inspirations) - and all of them very lovely indeed.

And they have brought to us the fabulous artwork from Rachelle Anne Miller. Beautiful. These are a few of my favs:



Cool! (hungry?)

Omg. Look at the art work! Isn't that wonderful

And last, how sweet.

I think this is a wonderful collection. Back on with Debbie at 4.....there's more lovely stuff that I'm gonna share. I'm gonna. Honest.:)


jordiegirl said...

Thanks for sharing Leonie. I've sent them an e-mail as I'd love to purchase the CDs for the templates for my Wishblade to cut but my software is the 4.1 version and I'm not sure if their files will work with it although they provide the GSD format I need. I know that some free files I have tried to download from fellow bloggers are no use to me as they use a newer version of the software. Perhaps you could mention this to them when you see them for the next show as I obviously won't get a response to my e-mail until they are back in the office.

jordiegirl said...

I missed the 4pm show so I hope they didn't answer my question!!! Oops! If they did can you reply on here please?

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie,

You mentioned your old Wishblade - so you may have the same version software as myself, in which case you will be able to tell me whether it will work with mine. Thanks.

Leonie said...

Hi Jordiegirl,

I did ask about my wishblade and she said there was no problem and it would work - but I'll be honest I don't know what version mine is! I got it when we had it on QVC - which seems like years ago. Sorry, didn't look at my comments until today (Sunday), so didn't get chance to ask them specifically. I'll drop someone a line today to see if they can help or answer questions as to what makes and models it works with.

Leonie said...

Hi again Jordiegirl, I'm sending an email for the 9am show, so try and catch that one, or tape it and hopefully they'll be able to answer your question. I'm terrible, my wishblade has been tucked away and gathers dust. I need to dig it out don't I!!

jordiegirl said...

Hi Loeonie

Thanks so much for answering my query as best you can. I also bought mine when it was on QVC, I didn't buy it on the first airing as I was a bit sceptical but then when it came back again I thought I'd give it a go. Must admit I'm not brilliant at making my own designs, that's why I'd like this CD-ROM. My best makes with it were for a wedding this year, I cut some pink handbags then embossed them with the Kimmy Luvs hearts folder, and for the men I cut out football shirts which then had a Wolf's head attached (the grooms support Wolves). I don't think I've blogged them yet but when I do I will come back here and let you know where you can see them. Everyone thought they were fabulous and I was really really pleased at the way they turned out.

Perhaps I should just go for the CD-ROMs as there are lot of lovely images on them in any case. Will have to make a decision before they sell out.

Enjoy the rest of yoru weekend.

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

Here's the link to the post of the wedding favours I made using my Wishblade:

I hope you can pop by and take a look at them.

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

Result! Dawn read out my email this afternoon and Debbie answered my question. Consequently I placed my order - now I can't wait for it to arrive!

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie, have just been looking for their website to see what other goodies they may have but can't find anything, can you help please? (They must have one as Debbie has said on this mornings show that the flower template she used would be available as a free download from it!)

Anonymous said...

Its ok, you can ignore my comment, I've found the site.......must remember to open my eyes when looking!! ;)

xGemmax said...

I love the look of this cd but then again i do love Rachelle Anne Millers work..she a fantastic artist & very inspirational :D
hugs and xxx

jordiegirl said...

Now this is odd - I found their website earlier in the week as I sent them an email but not when I search for it I can't find it!!!!!

I wanted to go to the website too for the free flower download.

Kat said...

the template isn't there yet but the site address for those that want it is

jordiegirl said...

I tried again and got into their website but, yes Kat is correct the download isn't on there yet.

I ordered my POW on Sunday and only received my Pinflair gel glue today! nothing else has arrived yet!!!! I'm dying to have a go cutting out the files with my Wishblade but my CDs haven't turned up yet!

I hate it when people email in and say they've got their goodies within a couple of days - mine always take at least a week or more!!!!! I must live in the back of beyond!!!!!