Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Crafting evening

Well, just a quick post to say hello. Had a fun day bathing all 3 dogs as Dylan had found something gross in the garden to adorn himself with. They were all smelling lovely, and looking glossy, when dylan nips out to spice himself up with scent a la dead thing! Urgh. Dogs!! So now I still have a stinking dog, with hairy walls (how do they do that, hair everywhere!!).

Had a lovely crafty evening with dee and andrea. We ate, had a little wine and made atc's. It's been far too long since I did any - but as we are working on getting the club up and running again, thought I'd better get cracking. Okay, didn't churn out tonns....

...but it's a start! These will be going in the parcels of orders that are sent out (we always pop in a little card of some sort).

Anyhow, had a lovely evening. Whoops, just remembered forgot to give Andrea the box of new goodies for the website! That's includes stamps and spellbinders as well. Fool. We'll get them sorted and popped on.

If you don't get the newsletter for the web then you may not know we have now run out of stock on the brand new distress autumn colours. If they release any more for order I'll let everyone know, otherwise we now just have the winter tones in stock. Better make sure I get my pack of those (how did I not get any autumn ones!! Fool).

Righto, bed time. Sleep well one and all and a happy day tomoz xx


Red Kitty said...

These ATC's look gorgeous. I too used to make them all the time loved doing them, havent done any in ages. You have inspired me to make some more, tonights project me thinks. X

Dragonlady said...

Hi Leonie

Thought I would just pop by and say hello. Love watching you on C & C you really make me laugh. Thank you for your inspiration and enthusiaism.

Hugs Ali x

Claire newcombe said...

Hi leonie the atc's look beautiful, I keep meaning ro make some. I have both sets of distress inks on order (how naughty hehe) and can't wait to receive them.
Loved your show this morning, the hour flies by watching you with my coffee, like having a chat and a giggle with a mate.
Your enthusiasm and ability ro wing it is infectious, don't ever change Ita brilliant.

Becky said...

The atc looks great Leonie but yours always do it would be great to start your club again will look forward to joining in again.

Becky x