Saturday, 14 May 2011


Thank you thank you thank you, to everyone who has sponsored us. We have done so well with the money raised so far - the final figure will be announced soon. Really chuft.

So, the jump. Well, it's the most exciting thing ever!! I loved it. But it was so scary. Nat and myself had to go an hour before everyone else for a refresher in our training. We were told he would be one of the last to jump due to the clouds - so we sat down ready for cake. Not got a bite when the call to tell us we had 25 mins and we were jumping!!! We got in our suit, by the time we were boarding the plane my mum, step dad and sister were there to see us off.

We climbed 13000 feet, had our memories tested on the way, and then we were ready. Right, this is the fun bit. The doors open. You have to stand with a toe over the door - your not allowed to hold on to anything as it may inpeed launching yourself out. You tell both your instructors your ready, look to the wingtip. Rock out, in, then chuck yourself out of the plane!!!! We had two instructors jumping with us. The suits are made so they have extra padded parts on them which the instructors hold onto - to make sure you fall straight rather than plummet! We had to go through the steps we had been taught, then at 6000 feet you lock on, give the signal, then pull your shoot. And then your alone. It was a wonderful feeling when the shoot opened. And then the view, the peace, wow, it was fantastic. Okay, my steering matched that of my driving, and I ended up in a wheat field, but who cares. Amazing.

It was the most exciting thing I have ever done, and then watching all the professionals after made me want to do it all again. So I am! Hooray. Hopefully on the 17th June!! This time not for charity, just for fun. Imagine passing your exams to skydive anywhere in the world.

Now I'm just waiting for the video and photo's, which I'll be sharing with everyone. Thank you again, I am so pleased everyone has been so supportive, especially as this was all to raise money for Sands. I did was to put a photo of Jacob on my page, but wasn't quite brave enough to take that step for some reason. Strange isn't it.

Look out for the photo's and our next challange. What can we do to beat that??


Crafty_Kitten said...

Well done Leonie. You are a brave girl for doing the jump. Hope you raised lots of money for SANDS.
xx Lynn xx

SpookysCraftyMess said...

Well done Leonie, so pleased you enjoyed the jump, I think you have been bitten by the jumping bug, and at the moment we are having quite good weather to do it nearly any time, you will be buying your own canopy and suit to match, you know you can design all your own colours.Glad you had fun at Sibson,and Sands will do well from it.hugs as always Barbara in bedland xxx

Leann Chivers said...

flaming norah, i fell dizzy just thinking about it :) cant wait to see the photo's L x

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

Well done on your Sky Dive you brave lady.

Just read Dawn's post telling us she's having a reunion with you at C&C - that is great news - what an amazing time it will be for you both.