Tuesday, 31 May 2011

D day

Haha, d day. The day the system melted!!!

What a brilliant day. It was really emotional, after all that time and everything we've been through it was so good to have my old mate back, and on c&c turf!! Never thought that would happen. Brilliant. We had a really fun and busy show. That melted everything. The phone lines, the web site! The emails!!! Unbelievable. Talk about gremlins! We were invaded.

Whacked now, have a day off tomorrow to prep my workshop, hooray. Back in Thursday, and Friday morning to do the pod shows. Oh, and Saturday. Haha.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and sent us some really lovely messages xxxx

- Leonie


Anj said...

Really enjoyed the show today, I tried to get on website to send an email but failed. :-( Just wanted to leave an email for you both and congratulate you on a fabby show. I watched with possibly your youngest fan...? my 20 day old grandaughter Isabelle loved it!!!! lol! Congratulations once again x x

Milliesmarvels said...

It was brill! I watched it tonight, you looked like you were having so much fun and I got a bit misty eyed at the end! Loved all the products too! Just FAB!!!

Anonymous said...

Great show, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to Sunday!!!!!

Crafty_Fairie said...

It was great to see you both together again the show was really great.

Kerry xx

Cazro said...

I greatly enjoyed the show. Caz

Soo said...

Watched the show and really enjoyed it -- managed to buy far too much. :)

I'm a knitter really - but have been seduced by paper and ink and glitter over the past couple of months. I'm travelling to Peterborough on Sunday for your workshop to figure out what to do with it all. Can't wait!

Cheers, Soo.

nikkib said...

Talk abt probems, couldnt get on the PC, the sky box didnt record 'cos C&C changed the name of the show, didnt I stamp my feet when I got in and realised it didnt record and I cant get it on TV Catch up so will have to try C&C again to watch it.... I did catch the 7pm show and loved seeing you 2 back together again, it looked really fun and relaxed, hope it continues xxx

Vee said...

Was great show I posted a comment on DB's blog saying "you melted the servers". LP and DB - who wouldn't watch!
All the best, Vee

BarbaraG said...

Lovely to see you working together again, looking forwardto the next show
love Barbara x

jordiegirl said...

I was so upset to learn that I would be on holiday the very time Dawn joined C&C so I set our PVR to record while we were away and looked forward to watching on my return - but on the evening it had been on I did text my friend to ask how it had gone.

When I returned home and was going to watch the show I discovered the PVR hadn't recorded any of the shows and I didn't know why - that is until now when I have read someone else's comment about C&C changing the name of the show so I guess that's why mine didn't record either - naughty naughty C&C - I was so so upset that I missed your reunion with Dawn - not something I expected to see either!

I do hope C&C will show us the shows again in the future for people like me who missed them first time around.