Sunday, 3 April 2011

Paper Clinic - this week and last!!

I had quite a few emails regarding the paper clinic last week, as I'd mentioned my printer being able to take cardstock, and everyone wanted to know what printer I have. It's an Epson Stylus DX6050. It's an old one now, but it will take the watercolour cardstock. I do have to "help" it to go in, but it does the job. And it will take vellum as well.

Now, onto tomorrows paper clinic. We will be trying to answer questions from:

Pauline from Cornwall - Shrink plastic on the Cricut
Yvonne Herron from Workington - paper embellishments
Daphne from Leicester and Stephanie from Bedfordshire - Waterfall cards,
Christine in Ossy - Twisted easel cards
Christine Coppenrath from Holland - CD Roms
Tracy and Avril Done - Ribbon
Val from Nottingham - What card to use for what
Anna from Dumfrieshire - stamping
Sue - Stamping
Sharon - Stamping and inks

We are dedicating the second hour to stamping and different techniques for inks, so I'll be in inky heaven again. Hooray. Right, best get some sleep or I'll be fit for nowt.


Janene said...

Hi Leonie

I hope you're having a super evening filled with crafty goodness! I'm new to the blogging world so I hope that you don't mind me contacting like this but I have a blog award for you. Please visit my blog to collect it. I got my first one today so am super excited! yay!

Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

Hugs Janene x

BlondeWitchCreations-Carley said...

my printer a Epson SX125 take card too xx