Saturday, 16 April 2011

Icing on the cake

Sue has asked what glue to use on her arty farty cake to stick glitter. Sue I would either use the quickie glue pen, which would allow you to do really fine details, or a clear drying White glue like the my craft studio one. Just make sure you spread the glue out other wise it may run slightly, and you only need a fine layer of glue as you don't want it to make your card buckle. If you are doing a large surface area do a little at a time so the glue doesn't dry. I'd definitely do a test piece on scrap card first (the same card you have used) to get the glue right before working on your finished piece. Good luck xx

- Leonie

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Karen said...

Hi Leoni - I do hope you see this message and that you can help. My husband has bought me the Xyron Design Runner for my birthday when it was POTW and I also bought the four font discs. When you were demoing this I remember someone emailed in with a question asking how to make up phrases using the font discs. You said you could only use them to print out a letter at a time but if you got a blank disc and put it in the top of the machine you could save your phrases etc. Well, I have been hunting far and wide for a blank disc and ended up emailing Xyron in the States who have come back saying the only way I can do this is if I buy the Design Disc Maker which is over £100!!!! Any advice would be appreciated otherwise I will send the font discs back to C&C as it's a bit pointless if you can't make up your own words/phrases. Many thanks.


Karen x