Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring has sprung

hahaha, this is only a quickie cos I'm running late (oh, no, really me!). Just have a look at the last post I did and the comments - the first one is from a penis enlarger! hahaha. They get everywhere don't they, with their promises. Idiots - what will a single female be doing with one of those for goodness sake. Answers on a postcard...........xx


Shirley Davis said...

Please please Leonie - delete him! Do you know you can do that? Go to your settings and chop him off - ouch, painful, he's a spammer so he can take it!

Let me - or Fab - know if you need some techie help!

Meanwhile - wonderful to have the sunshine here at last - yeah!

Paula Gale said...

oh how I laughed - there are some right ones about...

Glad you're ok though - looking forward to seeing you on more shows on C&C

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh Leonie that has made me laugh, not him, but your comment, best laugh I have had in months hee he

Pat x

Terrie B x said...

ha ha ...Im off to check that penis enlarger out now!!!I feel cheated I havent had on e yet!!!rofl..
No seriously what a `-nob`
Have a fab week:)xxx

Tip Top said...

Hehehehehe!! I think its a sign of fame that you get spam on your blog!

Doodles said...

LOL , My face was a picture reading your blog and thinking WHAT!! LOL guess i missed the little ****.... cough cough way to lady like to say what i'm thinking here.

Yayyyyyyy for you though you know your getting famous when you start getting little boys stalking you *wink*

have a wonderful craft day
all the best

Your Touch of Craft said...

lol..... how funny.... we must catch up soon miss xx

Helen Quinn said...

Thanx Paula for "pointing" that out to us !!! Such a laff

Vince B said...

Leonie, do you still have the link, can I have it?
It's erm, it's not for me you understand, but erm ah oh it's for a friend, yes that's it!! I need it to pass on to a friend.

Heee hee

Vince XX

Shirley Davis said...

Are you OK, dear lady? On the telly and rushed off your feet I hope! Well, I don't hope you are too busy just that could be the reason for no blogging! Oh, you know what I mean.

Random Ideas said...

I'm so glad spring is finally here, this has seemed like a long winter! I really like your blog.

Sandra said...

Eeeee you do make me giggle Missy.
Hope you are well xx

Mandy said...

Hello Leonie seen you several times on create and craft and kept thinking I am sure she was on QVC well anyway after a search on google found you have a blog. I have one too and love blogging have made so many wonderful bloggy friends.
Love to follow your blog hope your happy at create and craft (although I know you have been there months now)
Keep up the great work.
I am a keen scrapbooker
Mandy x
Oh and I keep getting odd comments made but not yet about the penis enlarger! LOL x