Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spring again,

Everytime I come home to Canterbury it really feels like spring - unfortunately Peterborough's still stuck in October!

Anyhow, not posted in ages, so thought I'd do a mega catch up. Lifes been treating me well - I was worried that Jacob's birthday would hit me harder than usual this year, with being apart from Nicky - but actually I was okay. Obviously sad, but nothing like I have been in the past, or expected to be. I even went home, saw my friend who has a tiny (very cute) baby, and then sorted out some of Jacob's things that I haven't got rid of yet to give to another friend - so it was very positive. It's a relief, but you also get a sense of guilt, which I know is stupid, but it's as though you feel bad for feeling okay. Silly emotions arn't they.

Anyhow, Mother's Day was also okay. I had a quite time during the day inbetween shows, but then got on with it, and enjoyed the day.

My Dad and step-mum came to visit us in the Warehouse (oooh aye, not told you about that one have I - how rude). Well, when in work I now live in a Warehouse. It's hilarious. No frills, but it's fab. I live with 3 chaps at the moment who are great, in fact I've got a photo of our Shaun to put on actually, as he was creating pictures with the pro-markers!

What else has been happening, well don't feel like I've been home much - seems to be flying visits all the time, which is a shame, but it does make it feel like a holiday every time I'm here!

I've got more shows on C&C this week, and also booked a couple of Demo weekends, which I will post on my blog as well. OOooh, booked the date off for my skydive as well - smashing!!!! Can't wait. Me and Howard are joining in with the ELF Skydiving Day on the 4th June. I'll be setting up a page to try and get sponsor money (it's for Exeter Leukaemia). This is definitely the first of many (I hope - haha, could be the first n last eh!).

Well gang, that's me up to date. Still not done any crafting, so still not able to re-apply to get on the bloggers crafting list thingy (oops). Can't even see in my craft room at the mo - I started "sorting" well you know what thats like. It's a joke.

Righto, I'm going to see what's next on the list, take care and hope your bulbs are blooming xx


Shirley Davis said...

Glad to hear from you, Leonie!

The emotional triggers so well-negotiated - take a bow. Don't feel guilty. Feel proud, treasure your memories and enjoy life. It's the best memorial Jacob could have.

Make an ATC - Feel Proud is the topic and pop it in a pocket - or bra or knickers - when you do that dive. Just don't tell Howard - he'll announce it on C&C.

Good Luck with all your endeavours.

Paula Gale said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts Leonie - my heart goes out to you - although I only know snippets of your story. Like Shirley says - feel proud of how you handle each milestone - guilt should be an emotion for the people who have done something wrong - which is certainly not you!!!

Love watching you on C&C so make sure that your skydive is safe so we get to enjoy more shows with you one tee hee !!!

Paula x x x

Joyce said...

Good to have you back again! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts .. you've gone through such a lot but coped admirably. so you should feel really proud of yourself. Spring is on its way ... Enjoy!! x

Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

Never easy reaching certain dates. My little one passed away 27 years ago on 31st March and I still miss her but I feel honoured to have been her mum for 3 months. After saying all of that, it really does get better! Good on you for doing the skydive...I get vertigo so sounds the worst thing in the world!
Warehouse sounds great and you're a natural on C&C! Pam x

Jak said...

Well life certainly seems busy, probably why you feel so positive at the moment. Living with 3 fellers, now your talking, lol!
Jak x

Anesha said...

Really lovely to hear things are going well for you. It could not have been an easy time for you, thank you for sharing. Good luck with the skydive! Have a great day. Anesha :)

wendy couch said...

Lovely to see you on Create and Craft Leonie, sometime last week you showed a 'cracker card'(not a christmas cracker though)briefly, any chance of telling me how it's folded. Good Luck on your skydive!!
Wendy Couch

NessaJ said...

So glad that it wasn't too upsetting for you this year x Maybe how your life has changed these last 12 months has had a huge impact on you, and as I fully know, time is a good healer at taking the raw pain away - doesn't mean that you forget them though, you will always remember that you had precious time with Jacob.

Spring is a time when new things are always popping up, you never know what'll spring up for you unexpectedly, lol!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hello Leonie,
Having seen you on C&C for some months I was very happy to come across your blog a couple of days ago, and this was the first post I read. I'm so sorry for your loss and admire how you're rebuilding your life. Through blogging I've met another person who lost a baby and I know she gets a lot of support from being part of online groups such as this one:
I just thought I'd pass the details on so you can decide if it's for you. I wish you happiness and look forward to more C&C 'meetings'!

Emma said...

Hi Leonie,

I don't know if you remember me, I was with my mum and we met at a QVC event, a couple of years back and you gave me some hints and tips about the crafting world.

Anyways, I've been following your blog avidly and just wanted to say hi and let you know, I've been thinking of you through all the tough times and that you're such an inspiration and I really wish you well for the future. You deserve it lovely.... :)

Take care of yourself and love watching you on C&C...see you soon!

Hugs, Emma xx