Sunday, 21 March 2010

How do?

Home again,for yet another flying visit. Spring has found us up in Peterborough, and when I went home and walked
the doggies the sun was shining. Isn't it nice to feel the warmth again. My little teela
was such a happy doggy.

Had a good week again. It was fab seeing everyone from do crafts
again, been ages, so we had a really good catch up. Wanted all the hobby art stamps,always loved them. Want so much stuff - I'm supposed to be sorting out not stocking up! Anyhow, really nice to finish my week with Kirsty, her stuffs so cool, and we had a good catch up.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post, I always read them and it's lovely to hear off everyone, and your comments are always great, thank you gang.

I've actually left my comp at work, having major withdrawls! Don't we get attached to our gadgets! Means I should crack on with the sorting eh....mmmm!

Picked up my spuds n onions for the allotment,gonna have to get out my shovel and get digging,it looks like a
wasteland at the mo. Come on you sun, shine on tomoz so I can get messing in the dirt!

Hey, did the lethal thing of having a look at some forum thing. Now this is something that should never be done, cos let's face it if your on
the box there's going to be people who I annoy. Haha, and funnily enough they have started turning me over! Thank goodness for the remote control eh. Mind you, if I turn on c&c and I'm on urgh awful, always switch over. Even I do my own head in, still sound like a male Lancashire farmer! I didn't get upset about the negative comments, gotta take the rough with the smooth, and I'm loving it. Must admit though, I agree that I do go on abit! Think I need to knock the chocolate ration for breakfast, makes
me abit giddy (but it's soooo good!). Choc making - it's on the mega list as well.

Well chums, my hairy kids need feeding and I need to drag my lazy butt of the sofa
and get this room sorted - can you believe I couldn't even find a pair of scissors! I'm just creating piles of stuff rather than doing anything
constructive! Got a sore knee, looks like a scabby 5 year olds (that'll be the wine and beer mix from last night then won't it). Right.....get on pujol....stop the waffle! Ttfn


Anonymous said...

Leonie..dont you dare change !! you are like a breath of fresh air,not like some folk who are always banging on about themselfs 'not feeling well' and so on.This is why you are so popular you just get on with life.Good on yer girl !!

Anonymous said...

Take no notice of the negative comments Leonie. It's usually jealousy that drives these people. Just keep on being as bright, bubbly and enthuiastic as you are.

Greebo T. Cat said...

I think you are a great presenter, I just love to watch your shows... and you can tell you really enjoy what you are doing. My hubby sitting beside me just agreed with me... he says he finds you very good to watch.. ahem!!!! LOL

No one pleases everyone, but for us, you a great.. don't change... ever.

hugs Janie and Stooby B.

Lindz said...

Leonie, take no notice of the comments, they critisise everyone, none of us could do the job and you do it so well. C&C is much better than the 'other one', the presenters have personality and have fun, and you are doing a great job. No moaning about being tired or unwell. Can imagine you, Steph and Nancy have a really good laugh.

CraftyLin said...

I would like to see some of those moaners do your job, then they would realise just how hard it is trying to talk and listen to someone babbling in your ear. I love your style - you brighten up my day - dont you dare change.

Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

You'll never please everyone but at least you let people demonstrate (especially Sheena) and that's what matters to most people. The also need to realise that it's your job to talk. I couldn't do it and I don't expect they could! Looking forward to the next craft club..just beginning to get the arm moving a bit.

jacquiscards said...

I think it comes with everything u get good feedback and bad but its life

just smile and ignore it
U going on to Create and craft was great and u can let ur creatity run wild and noone can stop you

Jacqui x

turquoise said...

Hi Leonnie carry on being you I think you are so funny and I love your wee ramblings you cheer up a dull wet day. As my mum says if they are talking about you they are leaving someone else alone. I dont spend much time on the forum now and this is the reason why. You are getting more confindent every time I see you and your crafting knowledge is fantastic. They should let you craft more. Take care of yourself and have a good time getting down and dirty in the allotment.

Nannybroomsticks said...

I feel the same as all the others. You just be yourself and blow those people who clearly think they are so perfect.

jacky said...

Hi Leonie, I have seen some of the remarks on a forum and am horrified. I just love the way you present and your love and enthusiasm of crafting. I know that I would be just like you wanting some of these amazing crafty items! (Although there are some things that I think are a bit naff - each to their own). You know what some people are like - they build you up and then try knocking you down. Don't get disheartened and don't change. At least you have a personality. Sending you hugs - Jacky

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie

Take no notice you are a breath of fresh air and a delight to watch. I love your enthusiasm and your genuine love of craft. I have seen the negative comments on a certain forum and they forget it is a shopping channel not a program just for demo's. I bet they don't even buy from C & C.
Stay just as you are.


Joanne said...

Leonie - I just LUV you xxx

craftyjan said...

hello leonie, you dont annoy me you make me laugh,and people should listen to themselves before commenting on other people.i think your fans far outnumber your critics so you carry on with the choclate for breakfast.i was very naughty and brought both sets of flippin men and women stamps, 16 sets of stamps where will i put them, my craftroom seems to be shrinking, but i needed them.look forward to your next show keep doing what your doing janxx

Val Rich said...

I love your infectious enthusiasm. You make me smile every time I see you on the box. Of course you want it all, you've never seen half of it before. I, for one want to be in your gang. Love Val Rich

ding said...

Here! here! I agree with all of above, please stay as you are, it's lovely to have someone "normal" presenting, no-one is perfect and you'll never please everyone so don't try. Keep being yourself, and good luck with the garden...forcast good for tomorrow...then "pants"!! for days so get digging!
Love Diane

jordiegirl said...

I agree with everyone else's comments. After all it is a shopping channel, you are there to sell the product.

I think you are very funny with your little quips. I've noticed you've picked up a new word that you are using quite a lot lately 'exceptional', you've obviously been reading that dictionary - lol.

Anyway, stay as you are, at least you aren't boring.

I don't know how you manage to be so bright and breezy early in the morning, or how on earth you are managing with all the travelling and being away from home so much.

I know you've mentioned in the past your Double Do XL machine - I bought mine when it was a TSV on the other channel - but now find it hard to get stuff for it of its own make. I have started using Cuttlebug folders in it and wondered if you have tried the Spellbinders stuff in yours and how it has gone?

I'm making some wedding stationery using the Kimmy Luvs cuttlebug folder, it's so pretty.

Good luck with the digging.

Anonymous said...

I just love watching you - you are doing such a good job and you know at least the people who are doing the demos get a chance to talk and do their thing - not like someone i wont mention who never shuts up lo - so you just stay as Leonnie as we all love you just the way you are honey - fi

Vince B said...

You know the old saying Leonie "You can't please all the people all the time".
Never change hon we love you exactly as you are.
Just don't go reading any more negative forums :o)

Elaine said...

You have natural infectious enthusiasm so don't dare change! Its only about 10 people gossiping on the forum - remember the hundreds that watch and enjoy your shows.

Linby said...

well you've converted me to C&C never watched it before you where on there. take no notice of them Leonie.

Doodles said...

Hi Leonie, Please don't change your friendly chat is what us crafters love about you , Your so down to earth and not stuck on some bl**dy peddlestool (not spelt right but hope you know what i mean.)
I love watching when your on and i love visiting your blog because you keep in touch with us common folk *wink*
Have a brill week honey
love Sharon xx

Debo said...

If it's the forum I've just looked at, they are now applauding your honesty!

Everyone I speak to enjoy your shows and always have. In fact your shows are the only craft ones that my friend's husband will let her watch while he's in the room!

Keep up the good work (and try and persuade the powers that be to let you demo more! That's my only complaint!)
Keep smiling - you brighten up the day!

Julie said...

Leonie, don't take any notice of them and don't you dare change. I've just started working in a craft shop and want everything that goes through the till. I babble on to the people about all of the goods too, so you are not alone. I think it's great tto have you presenting as you know what you're talking about. Anyway you are controlled by the voices in your ear, are they real though, lol? xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie, no don't ever change, I love to watch your shows, you and kirsty were a blast, I have stuck up for you on forums, loves ya just the way you are xx

Jackie said...

Leonie I do hope you don't mind me posting this on your blog, I didn't want to say anything negative on craft forums where they can just be hurtful, that is not what I intend. I do have a concern about the way you often use the phrase nick or steal when you are presenting,lots of children watch with mums and we are constantly telling them not to steal things and then they hear you saying it on TV. I know as do all other adults its just a figure of speech but do you think you could 'borrow' rather than pinch, nick or steal please? I hope you take this as it is meant and with no malice at all.


glitterbabe 1969 said...

hello leonie i am sorry you are having negative comments by some people its a shame that we cant all be nice to one another. I am sorry about your grandad passing away i hope he had good innings as the say maybe you havent heard of that expression before it just means hope he had a good life. Away i love watching you on create and craft so you have me as a fan.

Kay Edwards said...

Don't ever change Leonie. I have started watching C&C morenow you are on because its good to see a real crafter. Makes me laugh when you talk of your hairy kids, I call mine fur babies! Sorry to hear of your loss, Kay x

Paula Gale said...

Leonie - I make a point of watching you on C&C, escially since I've been off work sick since the new year. You bring the sunshine to our screens - I can only imagine that, as a true crafter, you must get frustrated yourself that you have to do the hard sell on the products rather that getting stuck in and let the products speak for themselves.... We can only imagine what the people in the gallery must be shouting in your ear - after all, most of us must have seen how this works on the apprentice. I'm sure for every negative comment that's been made - there are dozons of positive ones so don't let the buggers get you down...

Paula x x x

Jo said...

Ahhhh Leonie, Leonie, Leonie..

You are my little ray of sunshine whenever I work with you down at C and C.. don't you dare change or I'll chuck you over me knee and slap your backside with a wet kipper!!!

Forums are the worst places to be most of the time, you just need to ignore what's written and love you for who you are... we do!

Love and huggles,
Jo (remember me? lol)

Anonymous said...

Leonnie you are so good and you come over as such a nice person, and remember you cant please everyone there will always been someone who isnt happy.
But i know from speaking to you that you have a heart of gold and you care.
Could these people do your job, me thinks not!!! So you just stay the Leonnie we all love and you will go far.