Monday, 29 March 2010

Carry on.....

eating pies. We've done loads of it. Of course this was only cos Gran loves pies and chips, so it had to be done (I'm making excuses of course!). Now I'm having trouble moving!

Thank you to everyone who has sent a message of support, your words have meant alot and been so kind.

It's been okay, felt strange and sad going to Grans of course, without Grandad being there, but I'm happy he didn't suffer, it could have been so much worse couldn't it. So many people are in pain for weeks, months, even longer, so we were lucky. And Gran seems to be doing okay - it must be so difficult but she seems strong and carrying on. We were even talking about little trips away in a while - so at least she's thinking positive about the future.

I was intending to catch up on the ATC club whilst up here, but gone and forgotton my list of all my members! How annoying is that, so angry at myself. I knew I'd forget something, that was obvious. At least it wasn't my underwear eh!

Well, now sitting feeling over full and rather sick - silly woman, no idea what I can do about that, apart from walking away from the pies in future. Remember this moment Pujol!! Anyhow, thank you again to everyone who sent me your kind words, take care all xxx


Shirley Davis said...

No one could be more welcome! That's what we crafters do - we stick together through thick and thin, even the ons that love pies!

You just take care please Ms Pujol - and put this experience into your crafting: it'll pay dividends and make Gran proud - little Grandad too.

Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

Don't forget that if the pies come in those silver foil cases, you can save them for crafting with. It's a great excuse to eat pies (not that I need one!)
Look after yourself and hope to see you soon back in Canterbury.

lesleyanne said...

just look after yourself Leonie
see you soon
lesley xx

sam said...

It's got to be done hun - eating pies that is!!
Take care hunny
Sam x

Ann Hupe said...

Having lost a husband recently, I know the feeling. That's why I turned to ATC's.

PS: Where do I find Pattern Builder? I've looked everywhere!

Anesha said...

Take care of yourself. Sounds like it was a good pie! :) Have a good day. Anesha

Debo said...

Pies sound like a good idea! Chocolate pies would be even better!

I lost my Grandad to dementia before we lost him completely. I'm glad you had your 'real' Grandad to the end.

What a rough start you've had to the year! You'd never know from your presentations on C&C! You always brighten up my day! I hope the rest of the year improves for you.

Terrie B x said...

Big loves to you and yours Leonie:)
Happy Easter to you and yours..
Have a fab weekend:)x

TinaB said...

Thinking of you xxx Take care hun xx

Sandra said...

Gran, pie & Chips...... priceless!
Cherish the moments.
Sandra x

Vince B said...

We were so sorry to hear about you're grandad Leonie.
Gran sounds like she's an amazing person and I instantly like anyone who can chomp on pies! Hee hee
Mmmmmm steak and potato are my fav :0)
Big hugz to you and Gran
Vince XX