Monday, 21 December 2009

You lot!

Oh you lot, your wonderful. Thank you all for your lovely comments, and the emails that have been coming through. As ever, your support is really, really heart warming and very touching.

So, in a bid to think positive, I've been considering the "ups" of splitting up (hell, we have all wasted hours of our life feeling sorry for ourselves when we split up - so time to fish out a few good bits!). Here goes:

*The Diet Begins. Being put off food via sadness brings about a new feeling of unbloatedness and getting into some old jeans! Almost dread feeling okay again! Keep back you evil mince pies with brandy butter

* Plans. These begin in earnest, to fill in the gaps, and some of them even get off the ground. Holiday beckons!

* Cleaning. Yep, the house gets the full treatment with anger being taken out on beating the cushions. Avoid getting them soaked by crying into them!

* The Gym. Okay, gotta get out and meet people and make myself feel better. The Gym. Makes me laugh every time I take this option, as I go to the gym in my headphones, don't make eye contact with anyone cos I feel a fool, and leg it out of there asap! Rubbish way to meet people.

* Dogs love you even more - because they now get away with murder. Settee, bed, treats left, right and centre. And my undivided attention (even though I'm stuck in my hotel and missing them dreadfully)

* Cheaper Christmas. Yep, saving money on the pressie of the year - ha, there goes his kite boarding lessons. Horse riding lessons for me instead I recon

* Work. Love it more than ever! Phew.

* Actually now slapping on the "Sculpting Body Mask" which I have had for about 2 years! I will feel better and attempt to reduce the cellulite!

I'm sure there's more - and of course I'm being abit tongue in cheek. It's all abit pooey - but we have all been there haven't we, and we all get through. Isn't it funny, each time it feels like the first. Whats that about.

I've picked up loads of travel brochures today. To celebrate my new job we were going to book the first holiday we've had for years - so not missing out on that one, my lovely sister is going to come away with me. There's so many places to go! Forgot how big the world was for a moment there. I'm trying to compile a short list - Sri Lanka looks fabulous. Oh my word. I'm trying not to think about boring stuff like extra bills - lets go HOLIDAYING. See, I'm really lucky I have the ability to escape, and someone fun to go away with me.

I read quite a few messages from people who were going through the same thing, had family going through it, and alot worse - my heart goes out to you. It's even more devastating when there are children involved - so I hope you all and your families will be okay and the New Year brings happiness.

I'm off to scrape off my body sculpting cream, and hopefully an inch of cellulite!!

Again, my sincere thank you to all of you who left comments and thoughts, and especially to those in the same boat, or in much more difficult situations, take care


Hazel (Didos) said...

Yea to the positives!!!!
I too have been on the breakup diet and its great!!!Peeps keep saying I look better than I have in years!!!
Mmmm Tidying, since I have had to move I have had a massive clearout. Although notany of crafty stuff and OMG I can tell you I didn't realise how much I had till I got here!!! Now worried about a permanent house as this one has a dining room which is my craft room. (heaven!!!)
We will get there.
Hope you book a fabby holiday. I would come in your suitcase but am a bitty agoraphobic. so won't bother. (Mind u thats getting better too!!!)
So Yeah We will be alright us Gals. We Can Do It!!!
Enjoy your night

sam said...

Bless your heart hun. There will be the "right" one out there somewhere and you'll meet him when you are least looking for it. I met my hubby 4.5 years ago and we've been inseparable since the day we met and were living together within a couple of weeks.
Enjoy the Christmas season with all your friends and family, oh and don't forget us lot either hehehehe.
Lots of love and hugz
Sam x
PS leave off on the cellulite hun - there's nothing of you to have any!!!

Anonymous said...

Always remember that you are a lovely person and it his loss.

You will find the right one - I truly believe everyone has someone that is meant for them. My lovely husband has stood by me for 18 months of a horrible depression and never once complained.

Have a great holiday with your sister and continue to enjoy the new job - you are great.

Spookys Crafty Mess said...

and hope you have on your wish list from Santa A camera - you need one with a good optical x lens, I love my Canon. then we can see what you are up to..
hugs Barbara x

sharon said...

Oh Leonie. Bless your little heart. I'm liking your positive thoughts and admire this about you. It is bitter sweet with your new job and the break up. I believe in fate and that fate takes us in the paths we are meant to follow. It may not seem like it at the moment but you will work out later why this has happened I'm sure.
The holiday sounds fab! and just think you will have more room to spread out your crafty stash now! Xmas hols so I am watching C&C loads but really must hide my credit card!
I know loads of people give you advice in situations like this but my advice to you my darling would be to go out this Xmas and get very drunk. I'd love a night out with you and Nigel! Now that would be a hoot!!!!!
take care, thinking of you

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

I loved this post, even if it was tongue in cheek - at least you have a sense of humour.

You're quite right every break up seems like it's the first and it never gets any easier, in fact with me I would say they got worse!! My last break up was in a foreign country whilst I was on holiday, and I just wanted the ground to swallow me up or to be somehow transported back home by magic, I was so upset because I thought he was Mr Right - turned out he was Mr Wrong!!

Never mind, though I met my super hubby a couple of years later, ironically in the same country I had previously been dumped in!!! How's that for fate - things definitely happen for a reason me thinks.

Go on book that holiday and get away from it all with your lovely sister and have an absolutely fabulous time.

Wishing you a really Happy Christmas and an absolutely brilliant New Year.

Lots of Love

mckinkle said...

Having a fabby holiday to look forward to will make the world of difference for you!

Make the most of your 'break up' diet for as soon as you eat a single crisp it will try to get back on!! Beware, mine caught me up very quickly then invited it's mates!!

Your sense of humour will keep you sane!

Keryn :D

Claire said...

Although it never appears so things happen for a reason, or it certainly did for me.
9 years on from my bad break up and I am living on the other side of the world!
Hope you have a lovely christmas surrounded by family and friends.
By the way Australia ia a great place for a holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Your such a lovely person Leoni and sure that some well deserved happiness will come to you when you least expect it.Good luck in your new career and a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.Best Wishes Sue xxx

Anesha said...

Holiday somewhere nice sounds like a super idea!!! Not sure about the riding thing, horses are just too big. lol
Hope you have a Blessed Christmas and may your pain for all your hurt just melt away.
Merry Christmas!!!!
Hugs Anesha

Debsg said...

Breaking up or feeling down is the best diet I have ever been on too! Get that holiday booked little miss positive, and get on my tv screen!

Anonymous said...

I was so sorry to hear the news about your break up. I'm glad that work is exciting enough to help you through some of the difficult times. There's something about crafting that brings out the positive, I feel. Maybe it's all that bling, shimmer and sparkle. Anyway, I hope you have lots of bling, shimmer and sparkle through Christmas and into the New Year. It's lovely to see you blossom on C&C. Well done!

turquoise said...

Aww Hun love that you havent lost your humour and sparkle. Your shows are great. I can totally understand all the emotions you are going through it is a bit horrid have been there and you will get through it in your own time and your own way. Be kind to yourself and a fab holiday with your sister will be something to look forward to. Keep up the good work on C&C your a breath of fresh air love your shows and your down to earth attitude. Have as good a christmas as your possibly can and rember your lovely doggies will love you no matter what animals are such a blessing Im lying on bed with my darling moggy lying at my feet after trying to beat me up lol hugs to you your in my thoughts

Aurora said...

I absolutely love your positivity and humour - definitely a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to anyone going through a hard time at the mo. Good luck picking your holiday destination!

fiona said...

Just wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year honey, willhear from you later on when you have time.

Joy said...

{{{HUGS}}} Just read your previous post, I'm so sorry sweetie but must say you're very brave to do the 'letting go'-thing.
And good on you, focusing on the positives, even if its tongue-in-cheek & you don't really feel like it...
Make sure you book a super-fun holiday!
Take care my dear & know that you have tons of love & support out there.
Joy xxx

Childminder Jules said...

Like many people who have posted I've been through the same. I've lost a child and a partner too. I don;t think you ever get over it you just learn to live with it and deal with it. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts and wishes for christmas and a happier healthy new year for you. XXX

Deborah said...

So sorry to hear what's happened. Hope 2010 brings you nothing but happiness and fulfilment.