Friday, 4 December 2009

Quick reminder

I've been rubbish this week, I had plans here there and everywhere - but the time has flown as ever. I have managed to put up my Christmas decorations though! Hooray. How fabulous. Even got a little tree (Nicky said we wouldn't be able to fit one in the house, thank goodness they do diddy ones these days).

My friend Jenny is on her way down for her first visit, so I need to get some food on, but just wanted to remind everyone about the craft club on Monday. Here's the details:

Jubilee Hall, Cow Lane, Wincheap, Canterbury

7pm - 10pm

EVERYONE welcome - no need to book, or pay a deposit. Please, spread the word, really the more the merrier.

Minimal charge of £3 to cover the cost of the room and refreshments.

Please bring a sample of your work - not necessary, but thought it would be great to see what crafts we are all into, and it's a great ice breaker.

Bring something you want to share, or something you have bought and haven't got a clue about. It helps others learn, or you can pick the brains of other crafty folk.

There will be a Christmassy feel, so bring something Christmassy along, we have home baked mince pies on the list (obviously I'll just be in the corner feeding my face!!).

I'm going to start a stamp library, a minimal charge which will go into the crafty club pot. More idea's and plans are afoot!

Spread the word..........

For those of you to far away - there's always trains, planes and automobiles. Only teasing, I'm thinking of expanding the ATC club, so maybe a general craft club which ties in would be quite nice. That's another one in the "planning" stages.

Hope to see you there.

ps, only just read Blance has passed away from Corrie. I should, of course say the actress who plays Blance. How sad, she was a brilliant character and will be very missed - another one of the old favourites.


jordiegirl said...

Yes, it's a shame that Maggie Jones who played Blanche Hunt has passed away. I wasn't aware that she'd had a fall back in October and was in hospital. I suppose because they are on your TV screen you think they are still around.

Her character was absolutely brilliant, she came out with some brilliant one liners.

We've lost quite a few famous folk this year.

Good luck with the craft club.

Anesha said...

Only wished I lived closer. Have fun and sure it will all go well. Anesha:-)