Sunday, 27 December 2009


Well, that's crimbo over for another year eh. It was another one that will be written off - fingers crossed by next year I'll be feeling the Christmas spirit again.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, or if it's a bad time for you, I hope it tootled along quickly.

I'm only doing a short post I'm afraid, so tired tonight! Going to have a nice bath with the new bath bombs from my mum (mmmm, lush, they are the best) - then hit the sack.

Take care y'all


lesleyanne said...

glad you survived ok
like you just wanted too get through it
still this awfull year is nearly over
lets hope 2010 is a good one
lesley xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Glad you got through it ok. Just think now, the only way is up :-)

Joanne said...

That's where you went wrong Leonie, you don't feel the spirit, you DRINK it!! Get some down yer lass, and have one for me while you're at it!! Luv xxxx

Simone said...

Onwards and upwards eh leonie? I hope that next year is full of wonderful things for you. x

Anonymous said...

`Chins up` Heres to 2010!!!!!lotsa loves:)x

fi said...

Well its over and you survived, and next year can only get better. After all to start it you have a job you enjoy - a new fresh start Leonie.
Happy New Year when it comes and have a wee goldie on me.

Shirley Davis said...

Been thinking about you, Leonie - you're a star to all of us craft nuts!

Sue Boniwell said...

Glad you made it! We had our share of minor problems.
1. Husbands present didn't come - order cancelled by an American firm.
2. Couldn't exchange pressies with my family, as the snow and ice stopped us - twice!
3. My much needed Land Rover is not too well! Happy New Year!!!

turquoise said...

Glad you got through crimbo ok wishing you a happy healthy and prosperous 2010 and look forward to many happy leonie moments on create and craft. xx