Thursday, 10 December 2009


Just a quick post to say hello from my little hotel room. Need to sort out a pad up here, but somewhere I can bring my doggies - not easy is it. Hopefully have something to view this week, fingers crossed.

Had a good day today, our guests just brighten up any cloudy day don't they. Brill. The only thing I was disappointed about was not being on with Bev from Banana Frog, did anyone watch the show? I love Bev's stamps, and all her idea's. Her stuff is so fresh and different - if you haven't seen them then please check them out, they are worth collecting!

Have a look on there for your local stockists. I have some of Bev's stamps actually, when I get home from my shift I'm going to get some posted on here to let you have a look.

Righto, I'm off to go and carry on writting my envelopes out for my ATC club. Seeya later.xx


Anesha said...

Did see the show and the techniques she used were great. Have a great day.

sharon said...

I bought the Russian doll Banan frog stamps the other week (yes I am still mad on those dolls!) and they are lovely. I loved the idea on the show the otehr week with stamping an image on to tissue paper and then melting with your heat gun onto a candle. I've had a play with this. Must put it on my blog over the weekend. C&C is costing me a fortune! Have sent you a new bathc of ATC's swaps.xx

Leonie said...

Hiya ladies,
Glad you enjoyed watching Bev, her techniques were great weren't they. When we arrange a crafty retreat, Bev will definitley be part of the gang!