Sunday, 13 December 2009

Candy and cheating!

Well at last I have done my blog candy and emailed the lucky winners - thank you for entering. I now have to try and get to the post office, next week is so busy.

I have got another pack of Blog Candy up for grabs - unfortunately I haven't got a camera at the moment, so can't pop on a picture - but there's a nice selection of papers and stickers up for grabs. Respond to this posting if you are interested.

I do want to apologise for the lack of pics recently - it looks boring doesn't it. Hope I'll be able to rectify that soon.

Now, cheating. Your going to shout at me. I have today bought Christmas cards!!! I know, that's very very naughty - comes the reason (excuse), every year I intend to make cards, never get round to it, and then never send any out, so this year I've bought some from Oxfam (see, charity cards, good for Oxfam, especially in a recession), and I choose them with the strict idea of popping on a few embellishments - so I can do that thing that they do in the shops and say hand finished! At least this year I'll actually get some cards sent out, so I won't beat myself up to much. Next year, I'll start making them when everyone else does - January!


fiona said...

Blog candy up for grabs - oh well you know i can use anything for the hospice eh lol

Aurora said...

Thats naughty but nice Leonie! I just couldn't bring myself to buy cards anymore plus if I gave a shop bought card to anyone they would be highly offended (no matter my excuse)!

Lorraine said...

Ooh thanks for the chance of winning blog candy. Naughty naughty about the christmas cards

Anesha said...

You did great on your own this morning. You are busy and needs must. Have a good nights sleep. Anesha

Shirley Davis said...

a virtual
X to you
Many hugs too
Angelic hosts of peel offs
Surrounding your hotel desk

as you
Complete those 'hand finished'
And 'heart embellished',
Red, green & gold?
Darling, daring, endearing and honest
Symbols of the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas!

(Crafting is for the rest of the year, Leonie!)

Anonymous said...

i think you are doing an excellent job on c&c,i attended a couple of you wedding workshops at ossie mills about 3 yrs ago which i enjoyed very much, and have followed your journey ever since and enjoyed all your shows. Enjoy the opportunity to shine in your own right you deserve it.

jordiegirl said...

Ooh, thanks for offering blog candy Leonie, would certainly like to be in with a chance to win.

I'm tuning in to C&C all the time now that we have Freesat and because you are on and you are doing a great job too.

Naughty, naughty, buying cards, I thought you were going to say you had bought that kit off C&C that you said you should get cos you hadn't made your Christmas cards yet.

Although I made mine ages ago I've just written ours to send out because hubby takes my cards to sell first and we get to send the ones that haven't sold.

I've not bought any cards since I started making my own, all my friends and relatives now expect hand made ones from me and wouldn't be happy with a shop bought one. I've noticed that since I've been making my own people tend to send me ones that have embellishments etc on them these days so they look like handmade.

mckinkle said...

Life's too short to feel guilty! At least you are sending them; thats the main thing isnt it!

How lovely to see you shining in your own right on c&c, it's great!

Keryn :D

Anonymous said...

All me mates (well at least one ) are fed up with hearing "When I Saw Leonie" there will so many of us trying to get to the next craft club you might need a bigger hall.Do you think we can have mince pies again in January !

Fiona said...

Life's too short to be worrying about xmas cards Leonie. When I sent out shop bought cards a few years ago (I had recently moved house and had been too busy to make them) I got so many 'complaints.'
Think you are great on C & C, very natural.
Thanks for the chance of blog candy.
Fiona x

Trish said...

Thanks Leonie for the chance to win some blog candy. I just wish i was closer to attend your workshops but I am way up north LOL Trish:)

EMR said...

Don't don the hairshirt yet. Sometimes we just run out of time. Do the giveaways apply to your overseas fans too?

Spookys Crafty Mess said...

I haven't been able to get out fo a year since my accident, and if it wasn't for my little flexi friend whick I must say is getting rather over stretched and knowing it's own way to the craft sites on my lappy, I would love a blog candy gift, but who ever gets it congrats and a merry crimbo to all.
Barbara in bedland xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Leonie
you make me smile, good excuse not to make Christmas cards you've just stared a new job, which by the way you are doing very well.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Nicky.
Lynne xxx

Jan R said...

Would love the chance to win - many thanks Leonie!

sharon said...

Yes please include me! I spent some pennies in the craft madness -what a great way to spend a Saturday morning. SPEND being the word! Shhhhh don't tell!

Lesley Ratcliff said...

Gosh Leonie that is so dreadful how could you own up to it! I am sorry I am going to let everyone I know, you buy cards!!!!!!!! I know blackmails an ugly word just give us the candy!!!!!!!!!!
So funny I sat and made 25 crimbo cards and thought NO MORE so bought some!!!!!

fiona said...

You are so much more confident with each programme, and its fun to watch you, such a giggler lol
Bit like myself, even when i dont really feel like it.
So take care and i will hear from you soon via e-mail.
Naughty you with the candy post lol

CraftyLin said...

Shame on you Leonie - b*****g cards - I can't even bring myself to say the word........ lol.
I even make a card for my hubby to give me - how sad is that....
Hope I get lucky with the candy draw.

Amanda said...

tut tut tut, buying cards, its the naughty step for you! Redeemed yourself though by offering us some blog candy, what a nice surprise that would be after christmas

Hope you have a wonderful one and get plenty of well earned rest

Amanda P

Greebo T. Cat said...

would love to win some Candy, and as to buying cards, well I am STILL making christmas cards for this year, I am so late. If I thought I could get away with it I'd be buying them to...
hugs Janie xxx

Rainbow Lady said...

Think you are doing great on C and C Leonie and am amazed that you have time to offer blog candy as well. Thanks for the chance Love Cynthia x

Crafters Corner said...

Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.
I love your idea with the cards. I bought some cards last year, and me and my class cut them up to make more creative cards. Great fun!

Simone said...

OOoooo!!!! I would love a chance to win a bit of blog candy! I like the idea of embellishing ready made cards. I have never thought of doing that before but it looks like the way to go!

lesleyanne said...

life is much too short to worry about cards
blog candy now thats a different
thing lol
lesley xx

chrissie's crafts said...

Ooh would love a little Blog candy lol. I think adding a little sparkle and glitz for christmas to your rather naughty purchase is quite acceptable
Chrissie x

jill.hippychick7 said...

Hi Leonie

Wish I'd had the guts to buy cards instead of making them from a kit. I feel guilty enough about that. I've had no inclination to make Christmas cards this year. Next year I'm starting in January!



Debs said...

Oh Leonie, slapped wrists for you, but I must admit to buying some cards this year, only for the rellies I never see but I don't half feel guilty he he. Debs x

Helen B said...

You'll have to start next 2010's in January!!

Anonymous said...

what a nice christmas treat it would be to win the blog candy!
thank you luv louise xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie - enjoy your blog and would love to win some goodies. I met you at the Makey-do in the summer, bought your book and am loving being creative! Seasons greetings and-all-that. AnnieEs. xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Leonie, you are doing a fab job on Ideal World and Create and Craft. I'd certainly love to be in with a chance of winning some blog candy and putting it to good use for the cards I make to sell to raise funds for different charities. Best wishes, Kym xxx

Anonymous said...

I love your shows on c you make everything seem such fun. Thanks for the chance of winning your blog candy.



lydia said...

You're really doing well on IW Leonie. Keep it up. Would love to win some blog candy!! XXXX

HelenB said...

I've given up and bought cards as well - flu, migraine and busyness so trying to stay sane and be sensible. I feel so guilty though, but feel better now I know you too have had to succumb. As my crafty friend said (who's also done the same) it's just more important that they actually get a card and you keep sane! You are doing a great job! Happy Christmas and thanks for the chance to win some candy. Helen

Doodles said...

Buying cards tut tut young lady.. heehee.
Loved the Once upon a time show You did brilliantly.
Thanks for the chance to win some candy. I feel the weight pouncing on me by just mentioning the word Candy lol.
Hope my silly reply made you smile.
love Sharon x

Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

Would love to enter for the blog candy. Looking forward to the next craft club. Happy Christmas. Pam x

sam said...

Bless ya heart Leonie. I wish I'd thought of that one, but yeah I think I might join you with the christmas card thing in January - just wait til the end of Jan though and let me recover.
Get yourself a camera girl and then the next time you have candy I'll put a post on my sidebar and send everyone your way.
Take care babes
Sam x