Sunday, 29 November 2009

Slight panic!!

haha, just read my blog to get my times for tomorrow, and my heart almost stopped! Thought I was supposed to have been on at 7pm tonight - duh, read my own blog wrong. Phew.

Had a great day today, wanted everything Sheena had on. If you haven't tried Alcohol Inks yet, get em! They are fantastic.

And it was great working with Joanna, the samples she does and those done by her design team are fantastic - and I really like her CD roms, the images on them are beautiful. I'll stop gushing about every show soon, promise (as if, I'm a crafter!!).

Just a quick post this evening, need to get on those forums and spread the word about the craft club next week - times flying again. Got a great weekend coming up, my mate Jenny's coming to visit. Hooray.


Debsg said...

Hi Leonie. Saw your show with Sheena today - it was good to see you with someone whose fingers were as dirty as yours usually are!! You looked like you had a fantastic time. :)

Jane's Blogs said...

Both your shows today with Sheena and Joanna were superb ... how can you not be excited with such good products around. Well done and glad you enjoyed it.

Jane xx

barry said...

Hi Leonie,

My name is Barry Percy and I am a co-founder and co-owner of House-Mouse Designs, Inc. with Ellen Jareckie in the US. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the awesome job you did with Joanna Sheen with regards to our new House-Mouse Designs® decoupage. Your enthusiasm for our images was contagious and your very kind words about Ellen's designs was greatly appreciated.

Take care and thanks again.