Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Posh new blog

...innit. Looking good. Obviously this is not down to me, but the wonderfully talented Kirsty Wiseman - thank you, thank you. I was really chuft with it.

I've been having a play today - couldn't believe how fast today went, flew by. However I did manage to have a play at spritzing seed heads - I've had them sat there for ages, so it was great to have a go with them - pop onto the other blog for a look at the results.

Also getting really excited about next week. Think I might have to stay in a nice hotel next week, then going to do a house share. There was a brilliant huge farm house - really daft and not even close to work, but it looked amazing! I'll be away from home about 3 nights a week, so want somewhere nice to stay. hehe, getting belly wobbles again thinking about it!!!

Righto, off to look at my emails for the workshops - get organised!!


Joanne said...

Love your new look blog. Can't wait to see you back on the tele only this time always infront of the camera where such amazing talent belongs. Good luck and enjoy every minute. luv Joanne xx

Pamela said...

Looking good Leonie, love your header sentiment! Looking forward to seeing you soon on TV.

Pam x

Helen's cards blog said...

Lovely new look, would like something posh for mine, bet it took a while.
Good luck for your new start, really looking forward to seeing your demo's, just hope they give you enough time and they don't talk too much!!!!.


Shirley Davis said...

fan-dabba-dozy Leonie! How lovely for us all to visit this pretty page!

Have you considered finding out if any crafters in the Peterborough area would like a spare room filled by you? I know there have to be safeguards but once you meet, references etc...who knows? Just a thought.


Great new blog.

sarah said...

new blog looks gorgeous - well done kirsty!
good luck for next week

Cally said...

What a fab new blog. Looking forward to seeing you on C&C. Keep us posted.
Cally x

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie
Blog looks fab, you will be fine, love the sound of the Farm House wow,
Best Wishes
Lynne xxx

Momiji said...

loving the new look blog...all the best for your new start with C&C

Dee x

Debbie said...

New blog style looks fantastic - Love the cake quote. Looking forward to seeing you on C&C so we get to see more demos and messy stuff :)
Have fun at the NEC - was there yesterday and it was awsome.

Katty Bell said...

tis looking good... thought I detected a whiff of 'the wiseman'