Saturday, 7 November 2009


Now, this is quite amusing. I have managed to load photo's on Photobucket - and haven't a clue how I've done it! Amazing. Anyhow, they are one's I was supposed to put on my blog yonks ago, but never got round to it. They are instructions on working with the brilliant Angelina Fibres - hope you find them helpful. Thing I can do them abit clearer - I'll work on it. Just click on the link on the left!

Unless I can suss how what I did, that might be the last of the photo's on there.


Avril Ann said...

Hi Leonie I love your new blog, I will be back daily, Hugs Avril and good luck for Tuesday....xx

Anonymous said...

i can't get the photo's on photobucket.

what have i got to do?
maria clarke

JackieCou said...

Love the photos - very explicit! Only in that they show you what to do very well! Great! Thanks!