Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Blog

As promised, the new blog is set up and running. It's called Cutting Corners, and its aim is to gather tips on how you can craft cutting those financial corners - or cutting corners on the time taken on projects. The aim of this blog is to get everyone sharing their best kept secrets and tips, so please visit the blog and get posting, sharing and learning from everyone tips and idea's.

The first card I made was using tea staining, makes a wonderful background to stamp on


Fiona said...

Is the new blog replacing this one????

sam said...

This is lovely Leonie, love the stamp you've used hun. Off to follow the new blog now.
Take care
Sam x

Leonie said...

Hi Fiona,

No, both blogs will run, this one still as mine, but the other one will a mixture of my stuff and contributions from other people xx

Joanne said...

Can't find the new blog Leonie, It just comes back to your blog all the time. xxx

'The Crafting Owl' said...

Love the new blog Leonie and looking forward to seeing you at the NEC x