Saturday, 7 November 2009

Mad dogs and an English Woman

Wish you could see my daft dog, she's sat next to me on the settee, with a tennis ball in her mouth, her ear turned over like she's starting a new "sweep over" craze watching telly. Really watching it! The other dog is in a daft mood, and keeps trying to get Teela to fight.

Anyhow, that's the Daily Muttley. I've had a lovely day, workshop in the morning, and this new blog header worked a treat. The wonderful Joan brought in a big cake - to share!! Hooray. It's lovely, and I've still some left! That may not last long though - Nicky's home tonight, so bye bye cakey.

I took my camera to my workshop, and as usual forgot to take any photo's! Rubbish arn't I. I'll take my camera with me tomorrow though, and hopefully remember to get it out of the bag to take some snaps. Really looking forward to it, ironing has been done - fringe cut, even got my makeup bag out so I don't have to bend my knees to pick it up in the morning (??). I'm looking forward to meeting loads of people tomorrow - everytime they mention it on C&C I get excited! hehe. Wonder who will be there. I know Steph is there, but she's on her stall I think - maybe flitting inbetween them. Anyhow, I'll try and get some photo's on tomorrow - and let you know how it all goes.

Off to bed, early night just to make sure I'm bright and breezy tomorrow - don't think we need worry about that do we, I'll be buzzin!! xxx


lesleyanne said...

you will be great
just enjoy it
lesley xx
ps had a great time today

JackieCou said...

Good luck!

Jackie x

JackieCou said...

p.s. our delinquent cat is lying on the stairs with his back along the edge of one - I've been waiting for him to roll off all evening but he hasn't! We share a daft dog with next door!

Anonymous said...

YOu will be the star of the whole event, chick. Wish I was going.

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

I love your blog makeover and that photo of you at the top is fab - you look like a model.

Hope everything goes well went you meet the C&C gang - sure it will, you'll be a big hit I'm sure.

Looking forward to your debut on C&C TV.

Go girl, go.

Anonymous said...

I was at NEC yesterday.
Great day. Good luck for next week.
Pat xch

Paula Pascual said...

Lovely layout of the blog, love it!

ding said...

Blog is absolutely beautiful...very envious! Sending best wishes and lots of luck for your debut..but most of all, have fun!!
Love Diane

KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi hunnie, so sorry to have missed you at the NEC as I went yesterday (Sat). I am sure you bowled them over. I hope to get on your next Saturdays workshop if my friend has posted off the cheque and you are not already fully booked. Lol!!! Cathy xxxx

All Pink girl said...

Hi Leonie xxxx
fabntastic to meet you today at the NEC xxxx loved the sache you had lolxxxxx
you are fab
huge hugs Dawnxxxx

Sarah and Georgina said...

It was really great to meet you today at the NEC x Georgina thought you were lovely and very funny and your picture has been put up in the craft room x Good luck for Tuesday, you will be a hit. Here's to an exciting new chapter in your life...we wish you well x x

dave.renwick said...

it was great to see you at the nec, you are such a lovely natural and genuine person, you'll be a great presenter!


Leonie said...

Thank you, I had such a great time, and wish I had a pound for every time someone said "what are you doing on this stand"! I'll pop on a proper post in a bit, just wanted to say a quick thank you xxxx

jordiegirl said...

I was going to ask you when your debut on C&C is but have just read someone else's comment which says good luck for Tuesday so I'm assuming you will be on then.

Will make sure I record the whole morning of C&C - sure you'll have a great time and go down a storm.

Steph said this morning that from next weekend they are going to be live on Saturdays and Sundays too - so that's great instead of having to watch repeats of the weekday shows. Is that because you are joining them?

Lots of love and luck for tomorrow.

Net said...

Love the header! Very chi-chi!

One thing - I find the orange text ever so hard to read....

Doodles said...

Loving your new blog look Leonia beautiful work as always.
Good luck with the future
big hugs and love Sharon

sharon said...

\Love the new look blog. I've just read that C&C will be live on Sat and Sun am's Yeah! Great for us girls who can't watch in the week. That has made my day! I'll be watching tonight - you will be fab!

Jacqui said...

Am loving catching up with your blog and look forward to your first show on Create and Craft. My youngest daughter loves you and was so pleased when I told her of your move, my only question and the one which has been repeated over and over on the UKScrappers IW/CC thread is When is your first show on air? If UKS is anything to go by you will have a massive following all wishing you the very best.


Anonymous said...

`Beak a leg` as they say!!!(not literally..lots love:)x