Saturday, 28 November 2009

Home for a Day

Just a day off this week, then 3 days on then loads of days off!! How cool. Had another great week. Met more brilliant guests. Hey, I've got pressies!! Yeah. Finally got some Pinflair glue from the lovely Christine - been dying to have a go, everyone raves about it, and they're not wrong, it's great stuff. Also got given a Mandala board and easy score board from, also very lovely, Phyllis. Had to have a go. I'm really into shaped cards at the moment, and as soon as I saw the board I knew it would be great for creating lots of different cards - and easy! Love it. It's a definite for workshops - I'll bring it along to the craft club as well to let you all have a play.

Have to do my blog candy today - so will get round to letting the lucky winners know who they are.

I had training this week with Ellis - did I mention that in a previous post? It's all a blur. The training was great, loads of new stuff to try and remember. The first hour after was quite tricky, my brain seemed to have turned into soup - the second hour was much easier, but I felt bad I hadn't been able to give it my best on the first show - you feel responsible for how the show goes, and want them all to be as good as you can for the guest.

That's always the thing about new jobs isn't it - people can give you an opportunity but it's then down to you to make it work. No one can actually do it for you. Scary, but knowing that means if you do manage to make it work, and do a good job you can feel proud of yourself and your achievement - and of course when you are given a brilliant opportunity you want to make it work and not let anyone down. Don't worry though, I'll always be aware you can't get anywhere in life without the help and support of others - the day I think it's all about me is the day I want to be given a good slap! haha, Nicky wouldn't let my ego take over the house! Anyone who gets to the top only got there with the help of others - think it's important to always remember that - helps you treat people properly as well doesn't it.

I'm not saying it's to stressful at all however, I'm loving it. My favourite thing is most definitely still meeting all the guests. I love the diversity - and each person brings something new, a tip or technique. I don't know about you, but I can get in a bit of a rut with my crafting - and use the same techniques all the time, so it's great seeing how other people do things. And, of course, all those new products! Brill.

Righto, better get my ironing done then hopefully Nicky will be home so we can nip out for the afternoon.



Jane's Blogs said...

Great card Leonie. Love watching you on C&C. Nice to have you there ... a breath of fresh air.

Jane xx

Helen's cards blog said...

Have caught a few of your shows and you seem to be coping really well. Your enthusiasm is great and you let the guests get on with their demo's.
Will be watching tomorrow at 2pm as I never miss Joanna's products.

May you have continued success.


Anonymous said...

This is beauitufl eonie..glad your having fun!!!!!!!!!:)x

ENJAY said...

Mandala board is brilliant isnt it!! And as for pinnflair couldnt live without it no, as I fine some silcones stain through your cards ruining them, but not pinnflair!
I've got my samples on Crafters Companion in the morning 9pm i think and in Joanna Sheens show 2-4 are you doing them?

ENJAY said...

read as 9am, silly pc,wasnt me! :)

lesleyanne said...

well i think you are doing a great job
so glad you are enjoying it
lesley xxx

Vince B said...

Hope you get a well deserved rest on your days off Leonie, love the dove card, I'm really into shaped cards too at the moment too. ;0)

Vince X

Anonymous said...

Your doing well on C&C Leonie. I ordered 4 things te other day from a show you did. And I have only started watching C&C because you are on it!

Have you left Uni to do this new Job?

Diane Marsh said...

Great blog Leonie, It was a huge surprise to see you on C&C...I nearly fell off my craft stool!!
I am really pleased for you that you have your chance to shine. I giggle at you when you are on, you are so enthusiastic about everything! I can't wait for you to be presenting JennieBeans template CD's. I am one of her design team and would welcome your feedback on my samples. Not telling you which ones are mine though!

Joanne said...

Love your peace dove card. Nice change from straight edges. I agree with your thoughts and statements too. Enjoy everything xxx

Jackie 2711 said...

Hi Leonie

I think you are doing a fab job on C&C. I don't think you need any more training.Perhaps some more experienced presenters could re-assess thier style.

Enjoy it all


Aurora said...

Lovely card Leonie, I've got that dove stamp. Its from Inkadinkadoo I think. You had a great day today with my 2 faves; Sheena and Joanna. Your entusiasm was very apparent and they both seemed to enjoy you. Joanna sometimes looks irritated by the presenters but the banter between you was cute and her quip about Laurel & Hardy was funny.
You obviously belong at C&C.

sharon said...

Yeah I got to watch you on a Sunday! Loved the products. I went to a Particraft party last night and bought some of the products so it was great to watch the demos today. You and Sheena made a great team! xx

Sparrow said...

Well Leonie, I finally managed to catch you on a show on C&C today - when you were on with Sheena. It made me chuckle when you and Sheena started chatting about crafting (like old friends) and forgetting that you were on TV - brilliant. If ever you "messy" crafters get together for a crafting session - I have one request - can I come! Also caught a little bit of the Joanna Sheen show, it was great to see such admiration and enthusiasm for her products, I think you made Joanne's day. Keep up the good work!

jordiegirl said...

Perhaps you'll manage not to spend all of your wages on craft stuff then as you are being given bits and pieces by the guests - save you a bit of money.

I think you are doing really well presenting - even when you get a bit muddled you take it in your stride and make a joke of it and just carry on - you are real trouper. You wouldn't believe you've only been there a short time, think you're as good or even better than some of the the other presenters. It's nice having a presenter who knows what they are doing and understands what the guests are doing too.

You've got the balance right on the laughing, joking side too, not too much and not too little.

Sure you'll go from strength to strength, it is early days and you are bound to forget some things or make little mistakes - but hey, some of the presenters have been there for years and they still make mistakes.

I enjoy watching Sheena demonstrating, I think she's really clever, plus of course she's from the North East like me (not biased eh!)so it was nice to see that you were on with her today.

Look forward to watching next time you're on.

Karen said...

You're doing fab Leonie, what I especially like is the way you ask relevant questions, you're kind of thinking what we are, which shows you are genuinely interested which makes us all enjoy it so much more. I'm so excited as I should be getting my gypsy very very soon! By the way, I love your card, its gorgeous xx

Leonie said...

Thank you again you lovely lot, I'm so glad you think I'm doing okay - that's the main thing. And both Sheena and Joanna said they'd had a good time as well. I really enjoyed everything - I'm going into gushing mode again! Think I'll do a post about Uni actually....xx